Letter to BDC Chief Executive

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P Kirby
Chief Executive
Broadland District Council

Dear Mr Kirby,

I refer you to the latest edition of Broadland News (Summer 2012) and in particular the article on Page 11 entitled Development Sites Consultation.

SNUB supporters have been in contact to complain to me about the implied reference to them as “objectors”.  They believe that the use of the description "Objectors Sites" is misleading and evocative. It portrays an image of the following as defined by the Thesaurus (Grumbler, Grouch, Protester, Complainer, Whiner, Wailer).

We do not believe that we fit this description with the majority of our followers preferring the description of Campaigner that equates to the following (Activist, Champion, Crusader, Fighter, Supporter, Promoter).

You are therefore not doing yourselves or the public any favours by opting for a descriptive word that has a negative connotation.  This stance clearly demonstrates the mindset of BDC and its attitude towards genuine concerns by local residents who champion, not grumble or groan, the dispersal alternative.

Once again I also note that BDC are planning to hold this consultation in August when Parish Councils traditionally do not meet due to the summer holidays. You may recollect that you deployed this tactic for the last batch of consultations that were held in December, the only other month when PC's do not sit.  Is this a deliberate ploy by BDC to be opaque?

I would welcome your views and your confirmation that you will drop the term “Objectors Sites” and ensure that adequate time is given for any consultations carried out over the traditional holiday periods.

Yours sincerely

Stephen Heard


  1. The usual Broadland District Council ( and their very,very,very expensive PR companys')back-door 'Nonsultations;! how quick they forget that these are the reasons that Justice Ousley found thier last 'nonsultations' UNLAWFUL. Keep up the good work lads ( using our taxpayers money of course).Very old Rackheath resident.

  2. Please let us know if you receive a reply