FOI request reveals "Study trip" cost £4136

"To date; how much has Broadland District Council ( through it's legal Partnership with Barratts regarding the Rackheath Exemplar, eco town, etc.)....paid to Barratts from P.O.D.Monies  or any other grants received? Could you please also specify any visits, trips etc. that BDC has financed ( possibly with POD monies or grants ) for Rackheath Trust directors /members etc. and their costs including BDC salaries.etc..Lastly, for the moment, can you please clarify exactly how much Barratts have paid to the Rackheath Trust ( to which BDC officer/s/ are also involved either as a company secretary or board members )"

BDC's response:

I am writing in response to your enquiry as set out in your email. Answering your queries in turn

a)     There has been one study trip which included Rackheath Community Trust delegates. This took place in April 2012, 5 Trust members attended together with the Broadland (BDC) officer referred to in (d) below. The cost was £4136.28 and this was funded from the PoD monies.
b)     £5000 has been paid by the PoD to the Trust of which £700 has been ear-marked for Jubilee related events. The balance is held by the Trust on account.
c)     Barratts have received no payments but have paid for the cabin which (subject to planning permission) will be sited in the Church car park and used as the Trust office.  They have also paid for the Trust’s website to be developed. 
d)     The company secretary of the Trust is Mark Patchett (pro tem), the consultant engaged to help support the Trust.  Mr Patchett’s fees are split between Barratt and BDC.  There are no BDC members or officers who are directors of the company.  Cllr Buckle has a seat on the Working Group and Susan Flack is seconded two days a week to the Trust as project manager. 

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  1. Broadland Resident8 June 2012 at 14:49

    There must be something terribly wrong when vital services such as care for the elderly, education and evening bus services are being cut yet we can find Taxpayers money to waste on non-essential items such as this.

  2. A very concerned Rackheath resident8 June 2012 at 19:52

    This Trust is clearly in the control of Barratts and Broadland.
    The money put up by both Barratts and BDC is subtle bribe because they want the Exemplar.
    They are expecting this trust to smooth the way to get the ecotown built and the gullible directors of this trust can't or refuse to see it.
    Many people feel uneasy that the chair of the RCT was a former chair of Rackheath P.C. who had to resign under a cloud.
    Just ask a simple question, Are Barratts or BDC benefactors or have they ever been so in the past? NO is the answer.
    Ask yourself why did BDC only let the parish have the Jubilee field last year after so many years? To bribe the parish council just before a planning application is made?.
    Our parish council is failing the residents and hand in hand with with the developers and BDC.

  3. Rackheath inhabitant11 June 2012 at 22:51

    So 5 Trust delegates had a good time at the ratepayers expense. Well we now know of another motive for them joining this Trust.

  4. That equates to over £700 per head for 1 night? must have been a great hotel then! so Broadland now rejoice in spending POD monies, taxpayers money granted to be spent on infrastucture, on whatever 'beano' takes their chiefs' fancy? this is only the 'tip of the iceberg' and I wonder how many thousands more have been squandered on other, similar 'sprees'?.Well done whoever got the freedom request and keep asking to see what else comes out! Sarah J. South Norfolk.