My “Sounds Familiar” Blog sparked a lot of interest and like most Blogs was meant to be a thought-provoking piece using some facts, some assumptions and some guesses.  However at the recent CPRE and Sustains Feeding the Future conference there was an outline of local solutions to global food crisis.  Hidden in the EDP article reporting on this conference is the confirmation from Norfolk County Council about their future:

"Other speakers included Norfolk County Council planner, Phil Morris, who said 66,000 new houses were proposed for Norfolk between 2010-2026, and that new development could be seen as an opportunity for food-growing initiatives"

If we take the 37,000 proposed in the Joint Core Strategy (minus the 10,000 that have to be reconsidered after our successful high court challenge) plus the 20,000 that have already had planning approved then we still have approx 20,000 houses to come and no indication of the sites for these!

All of this to provide houses for people who are on housing lists that have been discredited by South Norfolk’s KPMG study that found that 70% of the people on the list should not be on it! Shelter has also confirmed that local Norfolk councils are already over providing social housing!

The only conclusion one can draw is that the hidden plans to make Norfolk an extension of the South East commuter belt is true!  Interestingly no one has denied it.

I’m also not so sure how the campaign to grow food locally can be sustained with thousands of acres planning to be taken out of the local food chain for housing and a similar amount for the growing of bio crops for the alternative energy supply that these thousands of houses will need.

Yet another thought provoking Blog from me and I look forward to the comments particularly from local politicians when they deny that is the overall game plan!

Stephen Heard
Chair SNUB


  1. Can somebody explain where all these thousands of newcomers to Norfolk are coming from as it is certainly not from the local Housing waiting lists. Also where are all the jobs for these newcomers. When you see the thousands of houses for sale in the EDP each week and the thousands that already have planning permission but have not been built, why do we need this huge number ? The figures just do not make sense.

  2. Sadly the answer why our area is being destroyed by the politicians approving houses not needed by LOCAL people is to rake in extra money for their coffers - just pure greed. Also of course it helps to boost the profits of their developer friends.

  3. Mondays EDP featured an article on growing one's own food, and what a surprise, there's a shortage of allotments and a huge long waiting list of people wanting one, unlike the social housing lists that have recently been exposed as being exagerated.
    Why is there a shortage of allotments? Simple they have mostly been grabbed up and built on.
    Remember allotments near the Firs P.H Norwich Airport that were turned into a commercial zone which now accomodates such things as a Hotel, Mc Donalds, Car showroon etc.
    Allotments are being grabbed and built on all over the country and last year it happened in Rackheath on Green Lane West.
    Whenever there is an opportunity to make a "fast buck" a developer in league with a council is quite content to sacrifice the peoples facilities so they can get a piece of the action.
    There are owners of businesses who go on councils in order to support and promote development thinking they will benefit financially.

  4. Local resident who wants to keep Rackeath a nice place to live in30 May 2012 at 19:39

    Councils and developers with greed on their minds have plans to build masses of houses on farmland that locals cannot afford and for which there are and will be no buyers.
    Meanwhile our government promotes growing biofuel to reduce our dependancy on imported oil. At the same time we are needing to be more food sufficient and not import so much of it.
    Anyone with a bit of common sense knows that you simply can't grow crops for biofuels on farmland whilst covering it with concrete, tarmac and houses all at the same time, nor can you do any of these if you want to grow crops for food.
    Then to cap it all we have the Councils and developers wanting to Buiid swathes of houses on the same farmland and giving their ridiculous "spin" of creating green open spaces. What would these green open spaces be created from? Answer, a vast open green space in the first place that would have produced food or biofuel.
    These idiots really live in cloud cuckoo land and they ought to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

  5. A concerned Salhouse resident (one of many)31 May 2012 at 08:18

    I am given to believe that 100 houses are going to be built at Wroxham along Mill Lane towards Keys Drive. That means it is less than 1/2 mile from the Broads. From this development there are likely to be in the region of 200 cars but which way will they go to travel to Norwich, Yarmouth and the south when the mini rondabout at the petrol station in Wroxham becomes conjested as it always is in the summer?
    Through Salhouse of course, These 100 new houses in Wroxham and the 200 house Ecotown at Rackheath is just the start and is a thin edge of a wedge which will bring the same kind of development to Salhouse.
    I wonder if our Salhouse Parish Council has woken up to that fact and opposes all this proposed development in the north east development triangle.