Blog House Rules

SNUBcampaign Blog House Rules
Please read these rules carefully. They outline what we consider is acceptable and unacceptable user generated content. We may update the rules from time to time, so please read them before posting your contribution.
1                    Your opinions are welcome

Your opinions are important and we encourage comment as we want visitors to this Blog to see and understand different points of view

2                    This Blog is public – open to anyone

Anyone with access to the Internet read it and your comments will therefore be public  too. We encourage you to make your comments clear so everyone can understand what you are trying to convey and remember that this Blog may be read by people of all ages and backgrounds. Please consider how your comment could be received by others and keep the comment relevant.  We do not ask you to use your own name when leaving a comment although you may do so and in some cases it might be helpful, however, you may prefer to choose a pseudonym alternatively your comment may be attributed to 'Anonymous'

3                    Language

Please be polite!

4                    Moderation

All comments will be automatically posted onto the Blog and will only be moderated later if necessary - we prefer not to edit, moderate, check or see user generated content before it is submitted or published. (Please be aware too that on rare occasions comments have gone straight to the Blog’s ‘Spam box’ – we still do not understand what criteria Blogger is using to do this but we check the Spam box regularly and will post anything that has gone there!) However, if we deem the level of comments is becoming unhelpful we reserve the right from time to time to introduce moderation. We are a volunteer group and as such do not have a team of people responsible for on-line media so this procedure might slow publication of comments and in some cases comments might not be published at all. You will note that sites such as the BBC have always practiced moderation.

5                    Removal of comments
Although we do not often moderate contributions, reader comments that violate these rules will be removed
6                    Confidentiality

Please respect people's privacy and do not submit confidential or private information like contact details for an individual eg telephone number, email address unless they have given permission