Prime Minister copying SNUB Policy!!!!

David Cameron said "I care deeply about our countryside and environment. Our vision is one where we give communities much more say, much more control. The fear people have in villages is the great big housing estate being plonked down from above. Our reforms will make it easier for communities to say 'we are not
going to have a big plonking housing estate landing next to the village, but we would like 10, 20, 30 extra houses and we would like then built in this way, to be built for local people"

We rest our case!


  1. Great news,but has he told BDC.!!!!

  2. Anon West Norfolk12 January 2012 at 20:40

    Great news, but has he told BDC !!!

    Horrible picture in EDP of 12th Jan, of Mr Chris Hill of BDC standing proudly in the new "Centre for Business and Eco Training". I don't mean Mr Hill is horrible, but the building is, and the idea is even more horrible.

  3. Not only is the idea horrible but BDC keep changing their minds about whether it is an educational venue for school children who need to travel across the county to learn about eco-living from BDC or whether it is actually just their new business training centre... seems to depend upon who they are trying to impress!

  4. If you want to find out NOTHING about Eco education, eco-business or thermal imaging and you really, really want to know about Chris Hill and his fantastic life story and adventures on oil rigs...then simply attend a Broadland eco-business conference ( there have been a few)..we have and what absolute 'bovine scatterra' as General Norman Schwarzkof once said ( and I cleaned that one up!).old Rackheath resident.

  5. Now I will NOT have anything bad said about the Eco-education centre in Rackheath.Forget the education side of things as they are going to either 'out-reach' all school children or send details from thier on-line facility at ( www.the 3rd cubicle from the left Victoria train but they intend to bring-in local training facilities, which are really sign on for an 'eco-plastering or 'eco-bricklaying course for 3 days...which in itself shows the true pedigree and then you watch them all participating in the true 'eco-education' aspect of the course...they 'weed' the car-park, they clean the bosses cars then they pick-up the litter from the car park....Is this not TRUE 'eco-education'?....we should be proud of Chris Hill and Broadlands' 'eco-integrity' as this is 'world-class and leading eco-technology!hmmmmmmmm?.Young Rackheath Residon't.