A Rackheath resident's response to recent press reports

The following letter was sent to the Editor of the EDP and copied to us. It will be interesting to see 
a) if it is published and 
b) if any part is edited out!


This week we have heard three of the most serious statements made by not only our prime minister of the UK but also statements made by 'leaders', closer to home!. 

Firstly, the prime minister stated on BBC's Countryfile  that we need to embrace localism' and the government will NOT allow large unwanted estates to be pushed upon villages from above, instead, we should look at 'dispersal' of small numbers of houses built in villages to help with 'local' housing targets.

Secondly, when questioned regarding the number of planning applications for thousands of houses 'passed' and not being built, the 'Leader' of Broadland DC stated 'we are in the hands of the developers'? What exactly is this supposed to mean? Surely the leader and his planners are supposed to be our 'buffer' from them? 

And thirdly, and worst of all, the CEO of Broadland DC, has an 'idea' to help 'kick-start' the house building in Broadland'....'we will either relax or even negate the need for planning permission in certain areas and even 'assist' developers'? and he intends to put this suggestion before the Broadland Cabinet for consideration on 17th January.....

Sir, is he MAD! ? What makes him think he can promote such a scheme when NO OTHER authority in any part of Europe is even contemplating this? The planning rules and regulations are there in place for planning officials and cabinet to put a stop to  'rogue' developers from building as and where THEY see fit!... surely the prime concern of strategic planners and environmental officers is to protect US ( the people who actually PAY their wages) from 'carpetbaggers as well as 'fly-tippers'?. It is the duty of paid officers to represent the majority wishes of Broadland and it's about time that they started to listen to not only them, but their conscience as well....

R.S.Lindsay.Back Lane, Rackheath."


  1. As the GNDP Quango has not listened to the residents of Rackheath, I wonder if they will obey the Prime Minister or do they feel they are above the law.

  2. Rackheath Resident18 January 2012 at 12:34

    Can SNUB help me please. We are hearing in the village about an organisation called the Rackheath Community Trust. Can you tell us who are these people, who elected them, what are their names and who is funding them. Are they taking over from our Parish Council. Rumour has it they are having an Office in the grounds of our Church. Has this been approved ?

  3. On the subject of comments by our Tory hierarchy, it is worth noting Grant Shapps' latest pearl of wisdom, that older people should sell their houses and downsize so that they can free that house for young people.

    Is dying not soon enough? Then there are all the costs of downsizing; sale as well as new purchase costs, add the costs of new furnishings and physically moving. All at a time when everyone is sure to sustain a considerable loss. Perhaps he would prefer it if we downsized into 'care' homes, we might be dispatched more quickly!

    It is quite preposterous and demonstrates the paucity of Government Housing Policy.

  4. Funny thing is that nowhere in our local media could we find the report of the debate about abandoning Planning rules as proposed by the Chief Executive of Broadland.

    ...or did I just miss it, buried in the deepest depths of the journals.

  5. Anonymous West Norfolk24 January 2012 at 10:52

    Superb letter and I look forward to seeing it published. The rule of law is the first ingredient of a workable neighbourhood, a workable county, and a workable nation. It is how our great nation started, in the 9th century under kings Athelstan and Alfred. The people loved the law and backed it up - it become their law, keeping them safe (provided the King upheld it himself, which didn't always happen!)

    These days, if you don't agree with a law you continue to obey it, but challenge it in court or in Parliament. You don't break it unilaterally, or you get an ASBO or something worse. Having said that, a lot of us do break laws protecting the environment, it is diffult not to because there is a total conflict between conservation and "progress". But at least most of us TRY not to break them. Some people in the political world don't seem to be even trying.

  6. Anonymous West Norfolk24 January 2012 at 11:27

    I found the source of the words quoted in the letter surprisingly easily. Went on to the Broadland District Council website and typed the words "kick start" into the search box in the top right-hand corner. A list of documents containing the phrase comes up, and second or third on the list is a recent Report To Cabinet (Jan 2012) which I guess contains the alarming suggestions - certainly I found the Report alarming and its general attitude non-compliant with the usual aims of planning laws and the more novel but more important aims of international environmental laws.


    Thanks to Mr Lindsay for his eternal vigilance - "the price of liberty is eternal vigilance", have forgotten who said this but it is certainly true.

  7. I found the statement by the Broadland CEO very disturbing but it sums up his attitude of contempt for all the residents who pay his salary and gold plated pension. We will never restore our once great Country until we get rid of this kind of person. Surely this cannot be called Democracy

  8. Not sure about "kick start", this is more like "kick back" to Developers.
    They are determined to flood Norfolk with outsiders. No one minds people individually choosing to come here, but we do not want to be swamped.

  9. Regarding CEO of Broadland DC. After reading: http://www.broadland.gov.uk/bdc_shared_content/bdc/committee_papers/120124_REP_OandS_New_Homes_Bonus.pdf
    Is Phil Kirby an anagram of Kim Philby.

  10. How can the CEO of Broadland District Council negate Planning rules just to suit his developer friends. Who gave him this authority. Suggest he should have a long talk with the CPRE or even better listen to the local residents. I wonder if this is the same man who wrecked Maidstone.

  11. Salhouse resident22 February 2012 at 16:30

    The whole problem is the greed of the developers backed by the Planners. I thought Martin Shaw summed it up so well in his article in the Norfolk magazine when he asked what Legacy are we leaving. Once our fields have been covered in concrete they are gone forever.