Letter to Evening News

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  1. Great to see the EDP today ( pages 8/9)headlined 'less may be more on planning issues'...a few select select people asre starting to see the 'SNUB' point!!!!!!!!!!! Anon.

  2. The article also points out that as few as 32,000 housing applications have been approved. This is because developers are not putting forward plans which lack viability, there is no point. What they ask is carte-blanche on development when actually the problem is elsewhere. Houses cost too much, so no one wants to buy them. That is why developers will not build more.
    Placing an additional onus on them to pay CIL and build "affordable houses" on the cheap is just making the matter worse.

  3. The letter from Mr Lindsay spells it out so well and yet for some reason the Planners and the Developers refuse to listen to local people. Shame that we can afford the NDR and Postwick Hub when over 900,000 elderly people now have no home care thanks to government cuts.