Broadland Christmas Carol

Received from a visitor to our Blog:

It was christmas eve in the council,
the bottles were wrapped and tagged,
there was tinsel and holly and ivy,
and the presents were signed and bagged,

but all was not well in the office,
there was no hot food to be had,
wicked Old Ebenezer Proctor,
had cancelled the meals in a fad,

He said we must have austerity,
every pound must be saved,
each penny we save on hot food,
will help our NDR be paved,

so spare a thought this christmas,
for the workers whose food will be cold,
and raise a cheer for Barrats and Birse,
whose road will be paved with gold.

Gawd bless 'em guvverner.


1 comment:

  1. How shocking is this? Just another paycut for the workers who toil in the administration.
    You can tell that the nasty party is really calling the shots now ... apparently with impunity.