Election Nights Have Never Been the Same Since

Still waiting to hear about the results for Broadland District Council when others districts have already been counted? It all started here back in 2009 and the Broadland District Council leader initiated it apparently!

One comment amongst the long list stands out "Surely Bland is just an employee. It's up to the elected councillors and they could have overrulled him had they wanted to." Comments on our own Blog over the last year or so along the line of "officer lead authority" would have answered that one.


  1. The delay is because they are just too damn lazy to do their job. Why worry it is only those wretched peasants who pay our salary. Broadland inefficiency at its BEST. Bet they would move faster for their Developers.

  2. Remember this is an OFFICER LED Authority who run things THEIR WAY. They are the Dictators. We must not upset Bland's way of life. Service to the Taxpayers means nothing. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Broadland was not unique but was among hundreds of Councils who counted on Friday and it has probably saved the taxpayer in overtime and other expenses. If so, then I for one was prepared to wait that bit longer for the results.

    Does this sort of rhetoric really do those of us who support SNUB any good. it seems to me it shows us up in a bad light and I think it is time we concentrated on the issue we all signed up for rather than bashing everyone and everything in sight.If we carry on like this we will not be taken seriously.