Improbable coalition

The political make-up of Norwich City Council after the local elections on 5th May is now Labour 18, Greens 15, Liberal Democrats 4, and Conservatives 2.

There is an opportunity here for an improbable coalition between the Greens and the Lib Dems who would then have a majority of 1.  We would encourage this particularly if the Lib Dems on the City Council follows the lead of the Broadland Lib Dems and vote against the Joint Core Strategy.

The legal challenge by SNUB would give this improbable coalition the “get out of jail” card to cancel the JCS, avoid expensive legal fees to defend the challenge and disband the Greater Norwich Development Partnership.  Not sure what this would save but should be loads!


  1. Now that would be unique with a group of politicians doing something that would please the very people who have just voted them in!

  2. Denise Carlo, who has campaigned strongly to oppose the JCS and all the OVER-development that goes with it, won Nelson Ward for the Green Party with the biggest majority in any City Council ward.

    This is remarkable as Labour won with a smaller majority in the safe ward University, where their vote was boosted by students opposed to increased tuition fees.