EDP article re SNUB's legal challenge

"Campaigners launch legal challenge against Norwich growth plans"

 Read the article here


  1. Interesting that there is no mention of the legal challenge on the BDC or GNDP websites. What ever happened to transparency and keeping members of the public informed about the JCS!

  2. Well done SNUB for looking after the interests of the Residents who have been totally and quite deliberately ignored by Broadland Council.Are you going to start an Appeal for Funds as I will gladly support you in your fight for our Democracy.

  3. Broadland Resident5 May 2011 at 15:42

    Thank goodness someone has had the courage to stand up against the Broadland Dictatorship. We wish you every success.

  4. When are the wretched Broadland Council going to wake up and listen to the people who live in the NE Triangle and NOT their Developer friends.
    Well done SNUB.