Claim form served on the Greater Norwich Development Partnership's constituent councils


  1. Very well done.
    I am Edith's friend (Dennis), as you may know we have our own little battle over in the West (King's Lynn) against the incinerator; but if it would help your "fighting fund" I pledge £50.
    Please put up details of where to send donation.

  2. edith crowther5 May 2011 at 11:32

    Hallelujah! I have printed all 3 pages (very easy, just keep clicking on each page, one page at a time). The first page has gone up on my main noticeboard, beside the Daily Mail aerial photos of well known bits of Britain in black and white next to a modern colour photo, printed on February 10th 2011, and called "The Changing Face of Britain's Iconic Landscapes".

    People like you can stop the Rot staring out from these 8 photos (4 Before OVER-Development, 4 After OVER-Development). It really is Rot, dry and wet, and it has to stopped with every weapon at the chartered surveyor's disposal.

  3. Thank you so much for the offer of financial help. We shall indeed need such support and will shortly be posting details of where to send donations.

    We have been so pleased to have received messages of support over the last few days - we know we have a good case and we also know that the majority of residents oppose the proposed excessive level of development in this part of Norfolk and are backing us in our fight.