Where to find the latest news

Well you certainly will not find it on the Building Partnerships websites.  Their main site www.buildingpartnerships.co.uk  that has as their latest news a signpost to an EDP story about plans for Cringleford in December 2010.  Surely there has been more news over the last 4 months! 

It is even worse on the Rackheath Eco-town website, www-rackheatheco-community.com, where once again the latest news is an EDP story dated 25th February and their news archive has one story from November 2010 and then a gap until February 2011.

Come on Mr Knowles, don't be shy - let your followers, who are numerous according to your websites, see the latest news.  Perhaps then you and others will not be visiting our Blog every day to find out what is going on.  Not bad for a bunch of amateurs! 

Do Building Partnerships employ a Communications Manager?  Perhaps they should and ask them to set up a Twitter and Blog at the same time so that members of the public can tell you direct what they think of your plans.  In the meantime please feel free to contact them direct at:

Building Partnerships Limited
Queen’s House
Queen’s Road

Telephone: 01603 664665 
Fax: 01603 664668
Email: enquiries@buildingpartnerships.co.uk


  1. Local Resident8 April 2011 at 16:49

    Pity Paul Knowles cannot read on the SNUB blog the comments by four local residents at the Council meeting on March 22nd. Perhaps he might understand a bit more why we all so detest his attempt to destroy our Broadland.

  2. i am sorry but we will not have a bad word spoken about our good friend and colleague,Paul Knowles....he has done so much for the community and is trying to build an 'eco- town' right out in the countryside so we can all enjoy the fresh air coming from thousands of cars who wonder aimlessly around looking for work in the outskirts of London and he does not stand to make a penny profit and is doing this all in the name of charity...shame on you SUBN....P.Kirby, A.Proctor,C.Green,P.Gallanders,S.Woodbridge,Uncle Tom Cobly and all.

  3. Now eers a funny wun misses....i fort if you bustid 3 companies and put dem down the pan, you coodent start anuvver one?....seems the lore must be diffrunt for ole 'Knowlsey?...ees a craftee wun inee?....(the uvver) 'Cheekie Chappie'.

  4. Mr. Knowles may have been involved with quite a few companies that have been declared bankrupt..... and he is also involved financialy in our beloved Norwich City football club but these should bear no reflection personally on his ability to deliver the worlds' FIRST ECO-TOWN should they??????....go on! ....challenge me I dare you !.....G.Amos.

  5. Gideon.....for gods sake shut your mouth or we will all be hung!.....Phil.

  6. The Ecotown in all its guises is unsustainable as well as being unaffordable, most certainly with the present housing market situation. House prices are still continuing to fall and they are likely to do so for the next few years therefore the Ecotown is doomed for failure.
    Anyone who gets involved with this "White Elephant" is almost certain to end up going bankrupt and it serves them right for being so stupid and greedy.

  7. Huge sums of public money was wasted by our Councils on the Gt Yarmouth Outer Harbour.
    This "White Elephant" was forced through despite local opposition and common sense.
    However they have managed to salvage something from it by removing £7 millions pounds worth of cranes and shipping them halfway back to China, albeit at a huge financial loss and with an enormous carbon footprint.
    What will they be able to flog off from the Ecotown when it fails, as sure it will? Perhaps some slightly used solar panels.

  8. You have been told Norfolk will get 224,000 more people. The 37,000 "homes" is the beginning. This started under a Labour Government, Conservative / Liberal Government does nothing to stop it
    The Green Party demand a cycle lane painted on the concrete that will soon cover Norfolk.

  9. Building Partnerships do not answer emails either! Send them one or two and see what kind of response you get.