Housing Strategy for Newmarket's Forest Heath Council quashed

The following has been copied from the East Coker Preservation Trust Blog (which also has a rather nice poster as shown above) and makes a very important case for challenging the Planning Inspector's decision:

Flawed Plans For Newmarket Sunk By High Court

In a decision that is very relevant to the current situation in South Somerset and East Coker, where the local District Council appears determined to present strategic plans that are flawed and non-compliant with European environmental legislation, the High Court has quashed the housing strategy of Newmarket's Forest Heath Council, even after a Planning Inspector had approved it.

The ruling shows that Planning Inspectorate decisions are not always correct. It also shows they can certainly be challenged.

Further, it shows that local authorities that do not ensure legally correct process is followed will open themselves to legal challenge and payment of challengers' costs. Challengers in similar circumstances should find it relatively easy to obtain insurance for costs when taking action.



  1. Surely there must be someone in Norwich who has enough funds and who cares enough about our Fine City to fund a legal challenge? How much does this insurance against losing cost?

  2. You have been told Norfolk will get 224,000 more people. The 37,000 "homes" is the beginning. This started under a Labour Government, Conservative / Liberal Government does nothing to stop it
    The Green Party demand a cycle lane painted on the concrete that will soon cover Norfolk.