Candidates for the Wroxham Ward

Nick Ball - Green Party
Steve Buckle - Liberal Democrat
Kenneth Fursse - Labour
Chris Green - Conservative
Ben McGilvray - Liberal Democrat
Greg Slater - Conservative

Well, two things we know already about the candidates are that Ben McGilvray spoke and voted against the Joint Core Strategy of 22nd March whilst Chris Green abstained after months of supporting it and ignoring the views of local residents - funny thing to do just before an election! *

We look forward to hearing the views of the other candidates on matters which will affect the lives of thousands of residents in this ward. They, in turn, already know the views of the majority of local residents on the Joint Core Strategy and the inappropriate level of development it will bring to this area - ALL of us will be affected from Wroxham and Hoveton down to the outskirts of Norwich.

We are ready for change and we want both our elected District Councillors to work for the benefit of this area and the people who vote for them.

* Broadland District Council has been contacted and asked for a list of the way all District Councillors voted on the adoption of the Joint Core Strategy on 22nd March and their response was as follows:

"The vote on the adoption of the Joint Core Strategy was taken by a show of hands. The voting was 23 members in favour, 8 against.  No recorded vote was requested and so we do not have a list of how each councillor voted."

However, we shall endeavour to provide the list on this Blog at a later date.......


  1. Broadland Resident7 April 2011 at 09:45

    VITAL that this time we get the Candidates to confirm whether or not they are going to represent US and not their Political Masters and their developer friends. Democracy is all about representation and they will have to give us a clear answer YES or NO. Get them to tell you whether they will SUPPORT YOU.

  2. I could not agree more with Broadland Resident. The Police Presence at the Council Offices said it all. What a terrible thing to see that one of our Councillors abstained when he knew only too well the views of his Ward. An utter disgrace and I will not vote for him again.

  3. Let us get rid of all this lot in May and start with a new bunch of Councillors who will do the job they were elected to do, namely to represent and vote for the wishes of those who elected them. We need to get our DEMOCRACY back.

  4. Will these people ever represent our views. They and the GNDP are now trying to railroad through the JCS at the Parish Councils. Surely NO PARISH COUNCIL can comment on a document that will affect the lives of thousands of people without first calling a PUBLIC MEETING.
    Be interesting to see where our Parish Councils stand.

  5. Aren't all parish council meetings public anyway? You just need to turn up at the relevant meeting.

  6. Good to see that the Greens are putting up a candidate - lets hope they put some effort into campaigning. They are the only Party whose stance on the JCS & growth triangle is clear. Ben McGilvray also deserves to be re-elected. The Tories can't be trusted no matter what they say, as Keith Simpson has demonstrated. Let's hope for a real change after May 5th. A hell of a lot depends on it.

  7. I agree with Bob Kett, that the Tories can't be trusted. Keith Simpson only showed up last year because there was a general election and he was worried about losing his seat. He promised us his support but since then he has done nothing only backed the Tories in Broadland. He has done this whilst knowing that they were going against the wishes of the vast majority of residents by destroying our countryside and turning it all into a gigantic housing estate. Neither Keith Simpson nor any of the other Tory ministers have even bothered to reply to letters showing they couldn't care less.
    The Liberals on the other hand did all they could to stand up for the people and Ben McGilvray was true to the promise that he made before he was elected and fight for what the local people wanted. We must get more Liberals into Broadland Council and kick these Tory traitors out if we are to save our beloved area.

  8. Chris Green must not be re-elected. He does not have his constituents at heart and has supported the JCS right up until the last minute, with an election approaching. Even then he only abstained when he should have voted against it. He must think we are all idiots.

  9. From talking to a few people -

    The eight who voted against were: Stuart Beadle, Veronica Beadle, John Starling, Ben McGilvray, Peter Balcombe, Nicholas Starling, James Joyce, David Harrison - all Lib Dems.

    22 out of the 23 Conservatives present voted in favour along with George Debbage - Independent.

  10. Politics-shamolitics...what do you expect these days when the likes of Phillip Hammnd and other Tory 'top'Parliamentarians are property and land developers in real-life.....if they both didn't have such a speech impediment both Kirby and Knowles would be standing in the local elections and do you know what.....I still wouldn't vote for them...Salhouse Sagar.

  11. Max Miller...'now here's a funny one lady, how can you tell if Procter is lying?...he shrugs his shoulders constantly ! can you tell when Kirby is lying?...he nods his head like a donkey !...but how can you tell when Knowles is lying ?....his lips move ! you want the red book or the blue book madam'...the cheeky chappie.

  12. Rackheath Rebel8 April 2011 at 09:22

    To add to Anonymous's findings: It appears that Nigel Shaw (Thorpe St Andrew North) and Chris Green (Wroxham) were two Tories who ABSTAINED. Tories Charlotte Casimir (Acle), Shaun Vincent (Plumstead), James Carswell (Sprowston East) and Brian Iles (Marshes) were absent from the vote. Whilst Shirley Peters (Burlingham)and Bali Kular (Spixworth & St Faiths) were the two LibDems who were absent.

  13. Now 'eers anuvver funny wun misses!...a littel limmerick for you;.. a wroxham councilor called green, to represent his ward members is never seen, but for the chance of a seat, on the board of wroxhan footbal club, he will bend over backwards and say whatever Kirby and Proctor tell him!......Now , I never sed I woz a poet did I?....wot do you want misses...the red book or the blue book?...the Cheeie chappie.

  14. You have been told Norfolk will get 224,000 more people. The 37,000 "homes" is the beginning. This started under a Labour Government, Conservative / Liberal Government does nothing to stop it
    The Green Party demand a cycle lane painted on the concrete that will soon cover Norfolk.

  15. Have a look and see who has signed the candidates papers and you may be surprised to see some familiar names!

  16. Shirley Peters has met her Waterloo.
    She has made a living from her committee work over the last two decades. Her prime post was planning
    and she has been a big voice on the planning committe.

    Good to see her gone.