To stand or not to stand

There has been much speculation about whether or not SNUB should field an Independent candidate for the Wroxham ward at the council elections in May.  The core members of SNUB have deliberated long and hard about this and made a decision last week not to stand as we feel that tactical voting could split the vote.

We will continue to be apolitical and not overtly contribute to the fortunes of any party, as we believe that the events of the last 4 years and the results of the current BDC strategy towards the JCS have been well documented.  The voters are nobody’s fool and we have every confidence that they will return the correct result on May 5th

An article in today's EDP shows that SNUB is not the only campaign group concerned about the antics of our local councillors - particularly those so-called "twin-hatters" - apparently 15 anti-incinerator candidates are standing in West Norfolk.


  1. The article also points out the difficulty when as in West Norfolk 85% of the Councillors are Tories.
    In Broadland, it is a smaller majority but is still 74%. The Councillors are whipped and the decisions are made by about 7 people. The only difference between this and arab style democracy is that the arabs have woken up to the fact that they are being stuffed.
    The twin hatters are the epitome of this syndrome and a growing number of residents are forming themselves into organisations to bring a greater balance back to local government. It is obvious that local politicians cannot be trusted with the power that goes with a cabinet system.

  2. Come to that Central Government is no better.

  3. May we have a full list of the twin hatters.

  4. You have been told Norfolk will get 224,000 more people. The 37,000 "homes" is the beginning. This started under a Labour Government, Conservative / Liberal Government does nothing to stop it
    The Green Party demand a cycle lane painted on the concrete that will soon cover Norfolk.