Same old rhetoric

The news release today from the Great Norwich Development Partnership about the vote to adopt the Joint Core Strategy uses the same old, meaningless words "Local people will be invited to work with developers and local authorities to direct the way in which their area takes shape.”

Do they really think we are that gullible?


  1. Not sure whether to tick like because I am pleased that SNUB have brought this to our attention or to tick dislike because the GNDP are are so dishonest.

  2. isn't it time to change the record? There is only so much misinformation that we should be exposed to, and on this occasion I don't mean from the GNDP.

    a realist from Salhouse

  3. Like thousands of other local people, I am sick of hearing promises from Broadland.
    Broadland never intend to keep their promises and they and the GNDP have never intended to listen to the public even though they went through the box ticking excercise of having a public consultation.
    They have ignored the Parish Councils and threw their Parish Plans in the dustbin.
    The GNDP who has members from Broadland and other councils have made decisions behind closed doors and there are no records available for the public to scrutinise. This is a deliberate act so that the so that public has no knowledge until it's too late.
    Decisions affecting tens of thousands of peoples lives have been made by a mere handful of members on a committee.
    Broadland and GNDP are using our ratepayers money to assist developers to come in and ruin our countryside and our lives as well.
    Thanks to the CPRE and others, who trying to protect our environment.
    Groups like NTAG and SNUB who work tirelessly for hundreds of hours free and who have to pay their expenses out of their own pockets, unlike Broadland.
    NTAG and SNUB have nothing to gain financially, whereas the developers are set to make millions at our expense and Broadland will get more revenue from rates which they can spend in making our quality of life even worse.
    To all who are standing up to save this region from overdevelopment I say a big thank you on behalf of thousands of concerned residents.

  4. The misinformation comes from Broadland

  5. A realist from Salhouse who wants to change the record. Perhaps to say they are glad this is going ahead.
    If we had been successful, were they frightened that more development would have been foisted on Salhouse instead of it all coming into Rackheath.
    Mean of mind and mean of spirit are two thoughts which come to mind. Oh and extremely selfish nimbyism.

  6. Rackheath Resident24 March 2011 at 09:58

    Obviously "A Realist from Salhouse" does not live in the same world as we do. The only misinformation comes from the GNDP as we in Rackheath know only too well. Have they forgotten that in all the Consultations and our Petition the result has been a RESOUNDING NO.

  7. They do not listen and now we have a Police presence at Thorpe Lodge prior to the Council meeting. This can only be a Dictatorship and to think we once fought for our Democracy.

  8. Chairman of SNUB24 March 2011 at 15:05

    The core team of SNUB are merely trying, in our leisure time and with very limited resources, to relay to our thousands of followers and supporters information and facts as we find them. The Blog is there for people to register their views and thoughts of which the majority support the stance that we take. If Blog readers disagree with our strategy and vision then please feel free to open up the debate. However it is only fair that if readers, like "A realist from Salhouse", have more up to date information or wish to correct an error or omission then they should let us all know so that we are not misinformed. We have no hidden agenda other than trying to highlight the misinformation and secrecy from our elected members of Broadland District Council and the unelected Greater Norwich Development Partnership.

    If the Realist has information then share it rather than making snide comments that seek to belittle the hard work that we have done so far to highlight the issues using the information that we have.
    Perhaps the Realist has realised that the adoption of the JCS protects the integrity of the conservation area of Salhouse and that the rest of Salhouse and the North East growth triangle can accommodate the 12,000 houses that will now be put forward for planning permission! Is the Realist a closet NIMBY?

  9. I think the Realist in Salhouse is unaware of the impact that the huge Rackheath town will have on Salhouse residents. Rackheath is just a small part of the growth for the north east as set out in the JCS.
    Just consider the facts, 40,000 more houses, 80,000 aditional cars and 100,000 more people.
    It will affect everyone from the coast to Thetford and put more pressure on the NHS with poorer health care due to longer waiting to see a consultant and through lack of beds.
    There will be more road congestion and poorer air quality, more traffic noise with speeding and rat-running through villages, longer waits at supermarket check outs, rising crime, influx of drugs and then a drop in the value of properties in the area.
    Salhouse Realist should think again unless he or she lives in a fortified air conditioned castle with a very high walled garden with security and is rich enough to have a helicopter to avoid the traffic and can afford to pay for private healthcare.
    The numbers of houses planned in JCS will be a disaster wherever they build them simply because they are unsustainable not least because there is not enough drinking water available in this region.

  10. looks like I rattled a few cages - readers check the facts and you will see who is misinforming you.

    A realist from Salhouse (and not a NIMBY)

  11. Would the Realist from Salhouse please tell everoyone else, who is giving the true facts and what are they? It is very damaging to the communities of both Salhouse and Rackheath to put doubt in the minds of the public with such claims.
    If you Realist know then tell us.

  12. Should the Salhouse Realist read Salhouse Surrealist?.

  13. Rackheath Rebel30 March 2011 at 09:27

    I am amazed than anyone who purports to live Salhouse should seek to discredit the work that SNUB has done - anyone reading this Blog or attending any of their public meetings will have seen that they undertake a huge amount of research to provide us with information. I for one am grateful that they have rattled the cages of the local councils and that they battle on to demand transparency and democracy - long may they continue to do so!