23 March 2011 - EDP website's "Top story"

The Eastern Daily Press website this morning has a banner saying "Todays' Top Stories" and this is headed by an article about street lighting in South Norwich. Amongst the list of latest Norfolk news, and by no means near the top, is an article entitled "Plans for thousands of homes in and around Norwich agreed".

Surely someone at the EDP has got their priorities wrong here - last night three of our local councils voted to dramatically change the face of Norfolk forever and it didn't even manage 'top story' status! The print version of the EDP is even worse if that was possible, the news about the adoption of the Joint Core Strategy doesn't get a mention until page 23!


  1. Irate Pensioner23 March 2011 at 10:12

    Attended my first ever Council meeting at Broadland last night and what a farce, they did not even have a proper loop system in the Council chamber so we could hear. Also is a heavy Police presence normal at Broadland. I found this very intimidating and brought back memories of the Nazi Dictatorship in the late Thirties. Why did they not listen to the residents?

  2. Who was that stupid little Councillor at Broadland last night who said he was concerned about his children and grandchildren. Pity he does not come to Rackheath and ask the youngsters who are trying to get back to their parents what the want. He would then find that the last thing they need is to forced to live in a High Density, ugly, urban housing estate.
    Role on May when we can hopefull get rid of all these little dictators.

  3. Rackheath Resident23 March 2011 at 10:19

    Last night sadly proved that we are now living in a Dictatorship, complete with a large Police contingent. Why did Broadland have to book this waste of Police time - was it to try and frighten us into submission ?

  4. Our thanks to the four guys who last night spoke up for the residents. At least you tried as most of our elected members where not interested in the wishes of those people who lives will be ruined by the Ecotown. I hope SNUB will provide a list of those who voted for and against, so we know who to vote for in May.

  5. I see Broadland were quick off the mark to get the "Promise Breaking Leader Woodbridge" on to BBC Radio Norfolk this morning and he never mentioned PEOPLE or the opposition once. Broadlands PR company are to be congratulated. As usual we just get ONE side of the argument,always the sign of a Dictatorship.

  6. The reason it has remained low key is because the proprietors of the EDP stand to make a lot of money if this all goes ahead.

  7. These people don't give a damn about future generations. Norfolk is being forced to deal with the mess central government has created over the past decades. Over crowding in London, lack of development in the North, overpopulation in the South East.

    Where are the jobs in Norfolk? I had to move away to find any decent work, on Norwich wages I wouldn't be able to afford one of these new houses.

    And to top it off, some housing baron is going to make a fortune, knowing full well they don't have to live in some high density shoebox, where access to the countryside involves having access to a car.

    Just a few donations to the Labour or Tory party and they are all set.

    If these people want to live in urban sprawl - move to Slough and lets see how long it is before they want to move back again.