The Joint Core Strategy Final Version

We thought you would like to see the foreword to what will be the final version of the Joint Core Strategy - it will be available in printed form in June 2011.

Joint Core Strategy foreword

Over the next two decades the population of Broadland, Norwich and South Norfolk will grow,
just as it will in every part of the country. This strategy has been drawn up to prepare for this,
enabling us to make sure that growth is carefully managed. It sets out details of how we will
ensure that future demands for homes and jobs are met in ways that are sustainable and do
not detract from the unique character of the area.

The strategy is the result of Broadland District Council, Norwich City Council, and South
Norfolk Council working together with Norfolk County Council as the Greater Norwich
Development Partnership. It has not been easy, and we are grateful for the input of all the
local people and organisations that have taken part in consultations over the past three
years. These have helped us identify the local issues and concerns which need to be

The scale of the challenges is immense, but they cannot be avoided. We do not want to be
the generation of political leaders that allowed growth to take its own course. The effort we
have made in drawing up this strategy means that our area can continue to provide homes
and opportunities for local people and their families, and that growth will happen in a
sustainable way that complements the existing local character.

Simon Woodbridge
Leader, Broadland District Council

Steve Morphew
Leader, Norwich City Council

John Fuller
Leader, South Norfolk Council

Derrick Murphy
Leader, Norfolk County Council

The comment about local people is interesting "we are grateful for the input of all the
local people and organisations that have taken part in consultations over the past three
years. These have helped us identify the local issues and concerns which need to be
considered." and might have been better concluded by adding "and then we ignored you!"


  1. Interesting. Just wish they would live up to their promises. Remember Councillor Woodbridge at the first Rackheath Meeting when he said that if there was strong local opposition they would not proceed and also No NDR, No Ecotown. He showed on Tuesday just how worthless his promises are.

  2. WAKE UP BROADLAND before the GNDP and their Developer friends destroy our Broadland Villages all so they can make their fortune.
    They are not interested in the local people only their greed for profit.

  3. My be interesting to see how much the housing firms involved in this AVOID in paying TAX?

    Time to shine the light on the coalition that is pushing for this and see what the public thinks.

  4. Richard Williams24 March 2011 at 17:56

    It will be interesting to see if the June 2011 edition still carries the following warning on implementation:

    “Studies indicate that the cost of the infrastructure will exceed all expected income”(p93).

    Remember that was written in better financial circumstances

  5. The purpose of a council should be to control and manage development and to safeguard the area from unsuitable development as well as protecting the environment.
    However Broadland no longer considers it has any duty toward the ratepayers and is doing exactly the opposite.
    Building tens of thousands of houses in the north east of Norwich is crazy because the people who do genuinely need a house are spread all over the Broadland area out as far as Reepham they do not currently live and work north east of Norwich.
    People will not want to leave their vital employment elsewhere as well as their family and friends to live miles away and then have to drive a round trip of about 50 miles a day to commute.
    So much for caring about the environment.
    They are hand in hand working with the developer because they both have one thing in common. The greed for big money.
    How many times have we seen on TV when an individual builds a property larger than what he has planning consent for, or if planning consent expires just before the house is completed. The Council comes along so "bloody minded" and demolishes a perfectly reasonable house out of sheer spite and at enormous cost to the individual and the environment as well.
    They are DICTATORS

  6. I have read many comments and letters from the public saying that Broadland District Council are acting like DICTATORS.
    Well it certainly looks like it and they are fully aware that they are behaving like dictators because they now have Police in attendance to monitor the public at their meetings.
    Are we that far removed from the oppressive regimes of other countries where they do not allow peaceful opposition?
    How long will it be before councils request the attendance of riot squads and the army to stop the public speaking out?
    Broadland knows fulwell of the public opposition to their oplans and their justified anger.

  7. Whilst we all deplore the violence and damage to property that has occured at recent public demonstrations in London, Broadland should take note of it and be very concerned.
    Broadlands ratepayers are sick and tired of the promises that have been broken time after time and being ignored by.
    Whilst the majority of people are far less well off and are suffering the effects of this severe slump, Broadland and the GNDP continue to waste huge sums of money on "White Elephants" like the NDR and Ecotown.
    Are Broadland so blind as not to see where this all might end?

  8. I think arrogant would be the best word to describe Broadland.

  9. The tide is turning:

    "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. "
    Thomas Jefferson

  10. Broads supporter2 April 2011 at 11:38

    The events of the past few days have proved how disastrous it is to have a rigid JCS strategy. With £26 million being invested in SW Norwich and thousands of new jobs, yet we have few new homes in that area. If you want one of these jobs you will have to live on a huge hi-density urban housing estate in the NE and drive 11 miles to work.