Areas of Deprivation 2010

The English Indices of Deprivation 2010 were published yesterday and the map on page 4 of that document shows the extent of deprivation around the country.

This screenshot of the map reveals the extent of deprivation from the Wash to North Norfolk, down to Great Yarmouth and also within Norwich itself. Curiously the area where we are to have massive growth in terms of homes, and apparently jobs, is not highlighted as a deprived area.

If GNDP constituent councillors were as altruistic as they sound at some meetings then perhaps they will hand over the money allocated to them for growth, to areas in Norfolk who are in far greater need than themselves.

The foreward to the Joint Core Strategy sees the leaders of the GNDP constituent councils stating  "We do not want to be the generation of political leaders that allowed growth to take its own course. The effort we have made in drawing up this strategy means that our area can continue to provide homes and opportunities for local people and their families, and that growth will happen in a sustainable way that complements the existing local character." However, they might well be seen as the generation of leaders whose hunger for growth resulted in the destruction of not only Norfolk countryside but also the towns and villages outside their own boundaries.


  1. Anyone see the Property supplement in the EDP this week. Nearly 1,000 homes for sale with over 175 in the GNDP area. With the 1233 homes at Tesco plus the 200 Examplar at Rackheath, how many more do we need in our area ?

  2. Local Businessman27 March 2011 at 15:44

    With £26 million now to be invested in the superb Research Park in the SOUTH WEST of Norwich, this is where the new jobs will be and surely this is where we need the new houses, not in the NORTH EAST area.