Future Population Growth planned for Norfolk

Comments on yesterday's post about future population growth for Norfolk have led us to copy this analysis which can be found on the Norfolk Ambition website. Whatever your political point of view this site makes interesting reading as it sets out "the long term vision for Norfolk" - something most of the current population of Norfolk are probably blissfully unaware of!

The Government’s 2008-based population projections for Norfolk
Headline analysis
June 2010
• The latest Government projections for Norfolk indicate that, based on recent
trends, the population would increase from 847,300 in mid-2008 to 1,065,700 in
2033, an increase of over 218,000 (around a quarter) over 25 years
• The County’s population would pass the one million mark for the first time in 2026
• People aged 65-74 would increase by 54 per cent and those aged 75 and over
would almost double (96.5 per cent); and by 2016 more than half the population
would be aged 45 and over
• Norfolk’s total population change over the 25 years to 2033 would be made up of
approximately 221,700 gain from net in-migration and around 2,800 loss from
natural change (more deaths than births)
Around 124,000 of the net migration gain would be from England and around
100,000 from outside the UK

• North Norfolk is projected to have one of the largest proportions of older people in
the country, rising from 32.2% in 2008 to 43.6% in 2033
Norwich is projected to have the ninth largest percentage growth of all local
authorities in the country, around one third from 2008-2023

• Compared with the previous projections, the County’s population growth is a little
lower but international net migration accounts for a bigger share of all net


  1. "Norfolk Ambition"? Anyone else ever heard of this lot before reading this blog? I never had. Are they supposed to be representing us in some way? If so, how do they acheive this without even making their existence known? If not, what the hell are they there for?

    Whether Norfolk Ambition, the GNDP, BDC or our MPs, the fact is that our 'representatives' do not represent the people their decisions impact upon. Time to take a lesson from North Africa and stand up against this collection of self-serving fools!

    Using our votes at the May 5th elections won't do the trick. There's nobody else to vote for - unless people resort to voting for Ms Crowther and the BNP as some kind of protest. And turning to fascism in protest against lack of democratic representation really would be shooting ourselves in the feet.

  2. Norfolk Ambition?? WTF
    Look at the meeting notes....either its stating the bleeding obvious or its in weasel words that make no sense what so ever!!! We pay these pr1&ks ....sack em and that will be the national savings achieved with no impact on services.....public sector wasters the lot of them.

  3. The OP says they are Government projections.

    One of the big questions is who is going to look after all those old people?

  4. Thanks SNUB - getting the figures was a team effort, we did it for you and ourselves and for the wellbeing of Norfolk and Britain and Europe with what ought to be gently falling populations due to natural causes (more deaths than births).

    I hope it doesn't sound too fascist to say, that the democratic system has broken down in this country and if people want to get their voices heard they need to do more than vote for the "right" party (though they should do that as well). (And by the way I am not standing for election in May, however every ward and parish in the Greater Norwich area should have an independent candidate who supports SNUB or is standing on an anti mass development ticket.)

    There is no body called "Norfolk Ambition" though that is the title of the population forecast. The website belongs to Norfolk County Council, and is called Norfolk Insight. It is easily accessed from the main NCC website, as well as separately. The projection is by the previous Labour government: my point was, that these are the figures dictating Norfolk policy, despite the change in Government. And I mean dictating.

    "Who is going to look after all those old people?" - slaves brought in from the Third World of course! As we know from the current troubles of Britain's top care homes provider, these places where we shove our elderly are not viable unless you economise severely on food provided to inmates, and on wages paid to the carers.

    In the eighties I taught translation to groups of civil servants from Iraq. They loved Britain, but they kept going on and on about care homes for the elderly. Not one of them could even begin to understand the entire concept. They were both baffled and horrified. I know that very often in modern British society there is no alternative - but that doesn't make it right.

  5. Thanks SNUB, these figures are frightening. I wonder how many of this huge increase are true Norfolk people or are immigrants. Where are all the new jobs coming from or will we local taxpayers being funding unemployment and housing benefit. What ever happens you can bet the Developers will make their profit. Surely we need a clear rule, NO infrastructure, NO massive increase.

  6. These figures cannot be LOCAL people. Must be a load of Culture Change visitors. Gordon Brown buying votes again.

  7. Is Edith Crowther "local"? It appears not
    http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/edith_crowther_bnp_candidate_profile_1_479913 She is just an incomer stirring up trouble and peddling obscene politics. It is ironic that this campaign centres on a site that was part of the fight against extreme prejudice and xenophobia. Once you start the fight against outsiders, where does it stop?

    For that matter how many of our other SNUB activists were born in Rackheath or neighbouring villages?

  8. Anon @ 23:32 says:
    "It is ironic that this campaign centres on a site that was part of the fight against extreme prejudice and xenophobia. Once you start the fight against outsiders, where does it stop?"

    If we don't fight against this, I tell you it ends with Norfolk covered in concrete!

  9. The campaign must not descend into any kind of fight against outsiders. That would be missing the point completely. The point is that the number of houses proposed is far in excess of genuine need. If we accept the 40% affordable housing the GNDP were aiming for, this gives about 14,800 new houses throughout the 'greater Norwich' area. But even this is a large overestimate, inflated by the fact that what is proposed is nothing more than speculative development on a massive scale. 'If we build them, they will come' is the inspiration behind these 'growth' plans. And it is probably true: lots of people will decide to move to Norwich if the housing estates are created. But this can't be allowed to be passed off as fulfilling a NEED or even a demand, simply a desire.

    The impact on the Norwich area will be immense and highly damaging. The character of the city will be drastically altered, and the countryside surrounding much of it will cease to be countryside.

    There is no genuine need for this. Those fighting against it deserve a lot more support. The apathetic masses who can't be bothered to even find out what's going on, or don't think bothering about it matters, will regret the consequences in 10 or 15 years time.

  10. Forgive me but I am puzzled. At a recent meeting Broadland Council told us there was a waiting list of over 3,000 people needing houses. Now they tell us they need to build over 37,000 houses. Who is going to live in all these new houses, when we already have over 1,00 empty homes in the Norwich Area ?

  11. I agree, we shouldn't let this descend into a "we hate foreigners" racist type affair.
    There are plenty of good folks in Norfolk who moved here from all over the country and world and will be just as concerned with these developments.
    They moved here because it's Norfolk, not because they want to live in a god awful sprawl.

    Urban sprawl is a problem that is a by-product of central government planning, greed by housing barons and the fact land ownership is heavy concentrated in the top 1% of the population. The land effectively passes from the land-owner to the housing firms, and people are never offered the opportunity to buy a plot and build their own house.
    Something which is common in parts of the US, hence why housing is generally of a lot better standard and includes things such as large basements (which of course reduce the floor plan and sprawl over all).

    Norfolk's housing shortage could be solved with re-development of existing sites, but it won't as that isn't as profitable.

    If you want to fight back, you need to force the council to address the Elephants (and there is a herd of 'em) in the room.

    We could start with Anglia Sq and the old HMSO building.