Officer led or what?

The first meeting of the Greater Norwich Development Partnership (GNDP) that the public are allowed into was yesterday Thursday 17th March 2011.  It was, ironically, likely to be the last meeting as the GNDP will need to be reconstituted after the local elections in May.

The minutes of the previous meeting on Thursday16th December 2010 recorded the attendance from Broadland District Council of Councillor Roger Foulger, Roger Burroughs and Phil Kirby with apologies from Councillors Stuart Clancy, Andrew Proctor and Simon Woodbridge.  So 2 Officers and 1 elected democratic representative attended this meeting confirming our view that Broadland District Council is and continues to be officer led.


  1. You are so right and it confirms our worst fears that Broadland DC is an Officer led authority. Just how can they hold a meeting with so few Elected members present. We did not elect the Officers and they do NOT represent us, but of course we do pay them. This cannot be called Democracy.

  2. Broadland are an OFFICER led authority and their arrogance proves it. When are these bureaucrats going to remember that we pay them to serve us.