April Fools' Day Seminar anyone?

Someone with a lot at stake is obviously very confident that the proposed Rackheath eco-town will go ahead:

RICS Norfolk - Rackheath Eco-Community

01 April 2011

  • Region: East of England
  • Location: The St Giles' Rooms, 47 St Giles' Street, Norwich NR2 1JR
  • Time: 12:30 - 14:00
  • Cost: For details on cost, please see the table below.
  • Type: Seminar
  • Professional groups: Environment, Planning & Development, Public sector, Quantity Surveying and Construction, Residential Property, Rural, Building Surveying
  • Language: English
This sustainable development on the edge of Norwich will be an exemplar for best practice of low carbon development.
How to book
You can book online now with a credit or debit card.
Event details
This talk will cover the following aspects:
  • Why the scheme is important
  • Possible timescales
  • What opportunities exist
Speaker: Paul Knowles MRICS, Building Partnerships Ltd. Paul moved to Norwich in 1990 to set up the commercial business of Bidwells.  He started Building Partnerships in 2000 in order to work specifically on 'green' projects.
  Net price VAT @
RICS member £15.50 £3.10 £18.60
Non-members £20.00 £4.00 £24.00
*Payment on day
(Only payable by cheque or credit card details - no cash).
£20.00 £4.00 £24.00
*Advance booking preferred to facilitate the catering.
Cost includes finger buffet lunch and tea or coffee.
Event code 8988


  1. Rackheath Rebel15 March 2011 at 08:41

    Typical - this guy only moved to Norfolk in 1990 and wants to ruin it!! Thanks mate! Can I suggest he moves back from whence he came?

  2. Thousands of other people agree with Rackheath Rebel. Knowles is only interested in making a lot of money and he don't care if it will ruin the area. The sooner he clears off the better.
    I wonder if the good folks of Thorpe End know that he resides with them?

  3. The correct link for “The Government’s 2008-based population projections for Norfolk” dated June 2010 is:


    It is just one short page of clear information (8 bullet points) – well worth printing out and pinning on notice boards everywhere.

    Mr Knowles and others are just obeying orders (the Nuremberg defence)- they are ironclad with government statistics for population increase by migration to Norfolk.

  4. http://www.norfolk.gov.uk/view/ncc078744

    • Norfolk’s total population change over the 25 years to 2033 would be made up of
    approximately 221,700 gain from net in-migration and around 2,800 loss from
    natural change (more deaths than births)


  5. How can they hold a Seminar when the Rackheath Ecotown has not yet been approved. Remeember Broadland DC told us "No NDR, NO ECOTOWN" and to think we fell for it. Knowles and all his Cronies are out to make their millions regardless of what the true Local People think.
    Democracy has died in Broadland.

  6. How should we define "true local people"?

  7. Those who do not want to pluck the face up

  8. The adjective "true" has at least fifteen meanings. Here are six, mainly from science or engineering, which I think come into play in the phrase "true local" - someone who either fits in naturally by birth; or makes every effort to fit in and not disrupt or disturb although they are not inherently local. It has to be said too, that many who are local by birth are not "true" according to the meanings below. Traitors, more like.

    - Faithful, as to a friend, vow, or cause; loyal.

    - Exactly conforming to a rule, standard, or pattern: "trying to sing true B".

    - Accurately shaped or fitted: "a true wheel".

    - Quick and exact in sensing and responding.

    - Determined with reference to the earth's axis, not the magnetic poles: "true north".

    - Conforming to the definitive criteria of a natural group; typical: "The horseshoe crab is not a true crab."

  9. Don't get mad - get even

    This project is only going ahead because it has the support of Tory Councillors on Broadland.
    They are all up for election on the the 5th May.

  10. VERY fed up Thorpe End resident16 March 2011 at 08:04

    Oh yes, we know that Paul Knowles lives in Thorpe End! Wonder if he will be moving once he has destroyed the village?

  11. Yes he will move on when he has eploited this region as much as he can or he can make more money elsewhere. People like him know the value of everything and the worth of nothing. He is not alone as his friends in Broadland think on the same lines.

  12. What does Knowles see as his objectives
    "....to maximise PROFIT for landowners and developers as well as generating more Counciul Tax for Broadland DC."

  13. It is absolutely diabolical that a business should be trying to make a profit selling a product for which there is clearly no demand.

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  15. Most developers are only in it for the money. Once they get the money then they are off to destroy another area. It is up to the electors to throw cllrs who vote for this appauling development off the council in May.This development will effect the whole of Norfolk and ruin our way of life

  16. "It is up to the electors to throw cllrs who vote for this appalling development off the council"

    Yep and bar them from local pubs as well. If they are so keen on Tesco (who are also property developers) they can buy their beer there and stay at home and drink it.

  17. The Broadland Council meeting proved what we all feared, that DEMOCRACY is DEAD in our area.
    All most of our Councillors want do to do is to help their Developer friends to make their Millions as well as boosting the Council Tax so they can increase their allowances. They do not care a damn about the people forced to live in this awful high density development. ROLL ON MAY when hopefully we can get rid of them.