Exemplar Consultation

Consultation? Broadland District Council do not know the meaning of the word.

They asked local people if they were in favour of the Exemplar and the response was a resounding 'no' but they still intend to plough ahead with their plans. So much for democracy. So much for localism.

The Exemplar scheme has been a farce from beginning to end - how much money have they wasted pretending to 'consult'? They now say that the local community misinterpreted the purpose of the consultation - but why ask the question if you were never going to take any notice of the answer?


  1. The local community did not misinterpret the consultation, they knew exactly what its intention was.
    That is one reason why so many of them refused to play the Council's silly little game. All the Council were interested in was ticking a box that said that they had complied with their requirement to consult the local community. They were never interested in the answer.

  2. With democracy like this who needs dictators? This council doesn't appear listen to its electorate,they don't appear to listen to the parish councils involved and they don't appear to listen to the Conservative MP Keith Simpson. Why is a Conservative council is so keen to persue this Labour party directive? This seems to contradict the opinion of Keith Simpson who,at a meeting in Rackheath, opposed these plans. A resounding NO is the only way to get things to change,the next elections are fast approaching.

  3. This is all part of the Gordon Brown culture change and once it is built there is nothing we can do about it. To add 100,000 people to a village of 3,000 souls in Rackheath is Culture Change in a BIG WAY

  4. We have to admit that Broadland DC never had any intention of consulting anyone properly as they are terrified that local people may say NO to them and their Developer friends. How many more times do they want us TO SAY NO.
    They are a Dictatorship and not a Democratic Council. Roll on May.