Wide Blue Skies Forever?

It seems ironic that Broadland District Council have chosen this picture (top right) to represent the Joint Core Strategy when that strategy actually proposes building over fields and agricultural land.

If BDC have their way the people around N E Norwich will no longer have fields and wide blue skies to take their children to - instead they will be stuck in a jungle of housing estates with  traffic making its way via roundabouts and traffic lights towards a “carbon intensive dual carriageway ruining the area for ever” as Councillor Boswell has already pointed out! 

Maybe the picture depicts areas which will be saved from such destruction such as Brundall, Mangreen, Felthorpe, Ringland etc etc It is about time the councillors for the areas which will be affected stood up and reflected the views of the people they are supposed to represent.

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  1. Under the middle picture is says"we believe transparency is important." Pity it doesn't extend to GNDP meetings isn't it? No one from the public is allowed in to find out what really is going on there. So where is the transparency? These people are employed by us and paid by us yet they treat us with contempt and disdain.Lets hope we see some changes in May.