Doing different

Robert Jones of Wolff Olins (influential brand consultancy firm) is due to start working with Norwich HEART (Norwich Heritage Economic and Regeneration Trust) on a branding project. HEARTS' latest newsletter has an interview with Mr Jones in which he says " Norwich's most important heritage is its attitude, its belief in doing things differently. In a world that's increasingly conformist, this attitude will help Norwich stand out and make an impact on the world."

Our Lords and Masters (for that is how they currently act) at Norfolk's County and District Councils should take note of this and remember what sets both Norwich and Norfolk apart from the rest of the country. That is what makes our tourist trade so vibrant - that is why people return year after year. Shouldn't we be building on our strengths and not working towards turning Norwich into just another homogeneous regional city surrounded by a sprawl of housing estates which haseaten into the countryside. What is being planned is yet another ill-fated attempt at social engineering - we need leaders with a better vision that matches the aspirations of the people of Norfolk. We need sustainable growth for the whole of Norfolk - both in terms of homes and jobs - and we need people who actually listen to what local people want and need. Maybe 5th May will produce just such people.


  1. When will our politicians realise that the reason we get tourists in Broadland is because of the character and charm of our area. It is certainly not massive urban housing estates in the countryside. Mind you as long as the Developer makes his profit who cares.


    • Norfolk’s total population change over the 25 years to 2033 would be made up of
    approximately 221,700 gain from net in-migration and around 2,800 loss from
    natural change (more deaths than births)

  3. Growth is the problem not the solution.