Radio 4's Food Programme broadcast a couple of weeks ago about the revival in Irish agriculture after the crippling economic crisis there. Apparently people are returning to the land to start up businesses which are contributing to an increase in Irish exports.

As the dependence of the financial and sectors which catapulted the Irish economy into collapse has diminished in recent years so growth in agriculture has taken over. Fianna Fail's leader, Micheal Martin is backing an initiative which he thinks will restore growth in Ireland and get people back into employment. Food exports grew by 11% in 2010 and the industry is felt to be key in the route to economic recovery.

Doesn't this make anyone in government in this country think about what we are doing here? If we persisit in ploughing up farmland and turning into housing estates (call them what you will) then we won't even have this option to return the country to growth. We know that the world is facing an food crisis and yet politicians seem blind to what this will mean to the UK in future years and pursue projects that can only be detrimental to everyone in the longer term even when their own advisors tell them what the consequences will be.

One can only hope that the May elections will bring about a change in leadership and a change in thinking - back to what matters to the people of Norfolk not just to a handful of councillors who seem hell bent on destroying Broadland to the detriment of the countryside and the people who live and work there whilst they follow their own aspirations.

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  1. The provision of an adequate supply of food is a major issue and that is no longer disputed.
    What is really challenging is how to stop those who believe that building houses will somehow re-generate the economy. It was house price inflation that was a major contributor to the consumer boom ( and bust)