Creeping Urbanisation

Indian newspaper, The Hindu,  reported the story of how a village had changed status to become one of India's new urban centres without the knowledge of the community - this sounds rather familiar!

The newspaper reports that "Jaggi Devi and two other residents filed a petition in the Bilaspur High Court, claiming that the ‘urbanisation' of Premnagar was unconstitutional and pushed by the local administration and politicians to set up a thermal power plant on village land." Definitely sounds familiar!

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  1. Talking about 'creeping'....I hear through the 'grapevine' that that 'well-liked' Rackheath District Councilor may stand for different a ward this election?'s either something to do with 'rats and sinking ships' or seems that the smell of Amvivelence might be too strong after all....loocal maan.