Double Standards

Today Mr Justice Holman gave judgement in favour of Local Councils regarding Building schools for the Future. He said " There was no overriding public interest which precluded consultation or justifies the lack of any consultation”

Mr Justice Holman also said Mr Gove failed to properly consult six local authorities before imposing the cuts, and in five of the cases his decision amounted “to an abuse of power”.

The ruling means that other groups affected by central or local government cuts could apply for a judicial review if they believe they have not been adequately consulted.

This is a recognition that inadequate consultation can be a cause to trigger a judicial review. This probably applies to the Rackheath exemplar, the trigger for the eco-town.



  1. Do you think the consultation carried out by Building Partnerships would also count as inadequate consultation?
    So it might be the whole eco-town which is being developed without adequate consultation.

  2. Perhaps Building Partnerships consultation does not fall into the same category as the process demanded of a public body.

    You are probably right in one respect, the consultation showed how many people were opposed to the scheme.
    So if the Council wants to do it how you say NO.

    The article from last weeks Sunday Times reminded us how stacked this process is in favour of developers and their friends.

    It is a shame that this extends to our local council.

  3. Ok,so how can we find out if this farcical consultation process is considered inadequate and if so how do we progress it from there. Do we need to take legal advice? Would it qualify for legal aid? What about the citizens advice people,could they advise? Who do you apply to for a judicial review? Can anybody cast any light here?

  4. Once again nothing is clear. All those living in the NE Triangle threatened by the Planners and Developers have never been really consulted. Even worse our protests have been ignored. Government should be BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE.

  5. Anonymous is right we need legal advice. Sadly we cannot afford the costly barrister used by the GNDP Quango which we paid for. Great how they spend Taxpayers money.