The NDR situation according to the DCLG

In a letter to Norwich MP Cloe Smith, Greg Clarke from the Department for Communities and Local Government commented about the proposed Northern Distributor Road and re-affirmed that "the Comprehensive Spending Review has reduced the level of funding available for such schemes. The Department of Transport has placed it in a pool of schemes to be re-assessed. Promoters will need to resubmit best and final bids by Autumn 2011, and a final decision will be made by the end of 2011."

So don't let anyone (including certain local councillors) try to tell you that funding has already been made available and the road will be going ahead.


  1. Rackheath Resident16 November 2010 at 16:24

    Thanks SNUB. At least we have you to give us the true facts as we had been told that the NDR was going ahead.

  2. Just a year ago we saw banner headlines in the EDP


    Yesterday buried on page 33 of the same chronicle was the retraction. This development can go ahead according to the GNDP without this road after all.

    Could it be that the original boast was intended to coerce the Government into supporting this road plan, if so, their bluff looks to have been called.

    The GNDP Officer who presented the case at the hearing on Wednesday was so implausible that it was embarrassing. It looked for all the world a though the figures were being fitted to the justification and the Inspectors seemed unconvinced. How can an increase in population of around 20,000 only cause an increase in traffic of 1-3% on the roads to the east of Norwich?