Car Parks close to the Examination in Public venue

A staff member of the GNDP mentioned rather regretfully that there was a criticism on our blog about the lack of car parks near the King’s Centre where the Examination in Public is being held.

There are in fact several convenient car parks nearby: Mountergate, off the bottom of Rose Lane (£4.50 per day) is perhaps the closest; or Rouen Road; or under the Mall at the top of Rose Lane. And a pleasant way to get to King Street from the 'buses on Castle Meadow (when the rain is not horizontal) is over Castle Green and then through a deliciously spooky church yard.

See the King's Centre website for further information on where to park.

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  1. A member of the public13 November 2010 at 13:52

    This blog is at least honest and has put the record straight. You might like to note the prices at the recommended car parks
    ....Do not forget that we are not only paying for our parking but we are paying for the GNDP and the Council officers parking too. It is called taxation. Check this website

    and look at the tariff at the foot of the page
    Castle Mall cost pd £20.00
    John Lewis £24.00
    Riverside £6.60
    Rouen Road £5.00
    Rose Lane £4.50
    Just try getting onto the last two after the commuter hour.
    I suspect that many members of the public are getting to the hearings by using the Park and Ride. Not a pleasant experience this last week with driving rain and cold winds.