Now here is a Plan B worthy of further Investigation

One of the country's top architects, Michael Innes has come up with a proposal that the GNDP would have done better not to ignore. Mr Innes suggest that development should take place in a smaller number of locations where infrastructure, jobs and amenities kept pace with the longer term building of homes.

His example of Acle as such a town is well thought out and seems to tick a lot more boxes than the current Joint Core Strategy which is under review at the moment. The GNDP's assumption that Norwich is the hub of everyone's life in terms of work and play is ridiculous with people in the same family maybe travelling to different locations such as King's Lynn and Lowestoft for their jobs - not because they choose to do that but because in this day and age we do not have the same options as to where we work or live.

Yesterday's Eastern Daily Press also covered the story


  1. Michael Innes is one of our finest architects and should be listened to. He certainly knows and understands our area far more that the planners at the GNDP. His ideas would not only provide the houses but retain the beauty of the Broadland area.

  2. It also shows that the GNDP did not carry out a thorough review of all the potential development options.

    The one they are promoting was set out from day1 with the support of the DCLG.