More Wikipedia mischief

We have reported before about the antics of a certain Mr Mark Fuller who tried to change some of the information relating to the Northern Distributor Road (note; we at least know it is just what is says - a distributor road - unlike the EDP who still seem to be under the illusion that it will be a bypass!). Now we wish to draw your attention to some changes that someone calling themselves "Broadland" attempted to make to the Wikipedia entry on the proposed Rackheath eco-town.

The Wikipedia page for the proposed Rackheath eco-town was created in August 2009 and had undergone various changes since then with information being added or amended as necessary however, on 27th April 2010 "Broadland" made three quite fundamental changes to the entry which have since been removed by other authors. (View History)

The first change was to replace the following:  "The Rackheath eco-town is a controversial proposal for nearly 6000 houses to be built in the Rackheath and Salhouse area" with:  "The Rackheath Eco-town is an exciting proposal for just over 4000 houses to built in Rackheath in Norfolk"

They then changed: "within a mile of the Broads National Park" to: "in close proximity of the Broads National Park"

And finally under the heading  'Location' they changed: "The plan consists of 5100 houses to be built in the Rackheath and Salhouse area with the possibility of extending the number of houses to more than 10,000 houses" to: "The plan consists of just over 4000 houses to be built in Rackheath"

ALL these changes were removed and this statement was added to the history: "Reverted to revision 352120966 by Rjwilmsi; Based on the refs, the previous statements are correct."

Just who was the "Broadland" we wonder who made these changes in the first place - suggestions on a postcard please or maybe merely as comments to this post.

Oh, one last thing on 10 June 2010 someone calling themselves "ecotowns" tried to make the following changes: "The Rackheath Eco-town is a controversial proposal to build nearly 6000 houses in the Rackheath and Salhouse area............the proposals have caused much controversy and as a consequence have been featured on many programmes" to: The Rackheath Eco-town is a proposal for just over 4000 houses to be built in Rackheath in Norfolk......the proposals have been well received and have been featured on many programmes".

How audacious! "Well received"???

"Broadland", "ecotowns" and the infamous "MarkHFuller" are no longer contributors to Wikipedia and therefore cannot be traced.


  1. How can they say this was Well Received when FIVE Parish Councils and over 2,000 residents are against it. Pure spin to support their developer friends. Will the Council ever listen to the local residents

  2. Are the Broadlands Planners working on a commission for each house ? Certainly they seem determined to ignore all the protests of the Parish Councils and the residents in their drive to destroy farmland and spread the Norwich urbanisation into the Countryside. Can SNUB please keep the Government informed about this total lack of democracy

  3. How Dare people Change Wikipedia !
    Cant the Internet police do something about this. Is this not some sort of hacking ?