Rackheath Exemplar changes to Brief

Why, in the revised brief for the Rackheath Exemplar Project has the statement which said " the Exemplar scheme should be developed at a minimum density of 40 dwellings per hectare" been removed? What is the current minimum?

In the same document the map referring to the agricultural land classification of Rackheath has been removed together with the statement " Broadland includes much high quality agricultural land and it would not be practical to promote development only in areas of lower agricultural value".

It is always interesting to look at the changes Broadland District Council make to their proposals as time marches on and then to ponder why they felt it necessary to make them!


  1. Jack - Rackheath3 November 2010 at 08:02

    I was shocked to read 40dwellings Hectares minimum, As I'm sure dusingdale is about 20 ? a hectare. Im not too sure as i am not into the scene so to speak. I do know a shoe-horn though.

    I have some friends who live in The Plumsted Hospital estate. I wonder what hectares / dwellings that estate is. ?

    Where do we find out this kind of information ?


  2. Richard Williams3 November 2010 at 11:16

    Hi Jack

    I guess you could just ask your local councillor but since he thinks this is all a great idea you might not get a straight answer. As you have posted here I hope this will answer some questions.

    First that reference to 40 units per hectare has now been removed. That is worrying because you need even higher densities to justify installing District Heating.

    In the supporting documents for the Joint Core Strategy the figures were given as follows:
    Norwich - at least 40 units per hectare
    South Norfolk - 30 units per hectare but 27 in rural areas
    Broadland - 30 to 50 units per hectare.

    As far as Dussindale and Wilkinson Road are concerned the density was 20 - 25 houses per hectare.

    This data is all drawn from Council sources.