Norwich Northern Distributior Road and Wikipedia

It would be interesting to know why Mark H Fuller removed  the 'opposition' and 'environmental impact' sections on the Wikipedia entry for the NDR back in October 2009. These deletions were quickly picked up and reinstated but who made these changes and why? The author no longer exists as far as Wikipedia is concerned - maybe he deleted himself as a 'user' when he discovered that any changes he made would be quickly discovered.

Perhaps he'd like to explain himself.....


  1. Not everyone knows who Mark Fuller is. It is worth pointing out that he works for Linstock Communications, the PR company employed by the GNDP. Unlike the General Public he attends all the policy meetings and produces the press releases.
    Could he have been motivated by his Masters to present a picture in which there was no opposition to the partial NDR?

    He certainly put his foot in it after the last GNDP meeting by telling the world that once the Planning Inspectors approve the JCS, they will review it in the light of the new political reality. In other words they want approval to do whatever they like.

  2. Earlier in his career, Mark worked in the Parliamentary office of Rt. Hon. Yvette Cooper MP.

  3. Quite a nice bloke actually..