SNUB chairman reaches finals of SMK Local Campaigner Award

Stop Norwich Urbanisation's chairman recently applied for a prestigious Sheila McKechnie Foundation SMK Award as a Local Campaigner and reached the final four. The award is given "to promote and encourage local campaigners raising awareness across England of the importance of local action. This award is for local individuals campaigning at a local level, helping to set the agenda themselves and taking action on issues important in their area or community."

Stephen's achievement highlights the fact that our campaign work is taken seriously and that groups like ourselves all over the country can get support and encouragement from organisations such as SMK in our fight for proper consultation and democracy for local communities.


  1. Who could dislike this good news story?
    Only those who do not like to have their activities scrutinised.

  2. Hi Muntok welcome to the blog
    I thought the Councils were encouraging Local Voices.
    Perhaps that is restricted only to those who support them.