Interesting times ahead

Tomorrow (23rd September) the Greater Norwich Development Partnership meet to discuss the "Joint Core Strategy: Next Steps" - it should prove a very interesting meeting. Visit the GNDP website to view the agenda and Director's report.

Incidentally, BDC will be discussing it tonight at their Place Shaping Committee meeting but no papers are available on their website apart from the agenda.


  1. The whole wretched Joint Core Strategy needs to be withdrawn.
    Broadland District Council has demonstrated its incompetence in bringing forward such an unpopular set of changes.You just wonder at their motivation. It looks arrogant and power hungry. No wonder they were so soundly rejected.
    This threatens the work of the other Councils and we can expect bleating that this JCS must go ahead otherwise there is no plan to stop unwanted development. Well, it is their fault if that happens and heads must roll.

  2. You can view the Website to view the Agenda and the Directors Report but you cannot see the minutes of the previous meeting. The Agenda and report were available from Monday and the meeting was yesterday.
    Given the list of Background papers you can judge for yourselves how much potential there was for anyone attending that meeting to come to any independent judgement. Reading the pre-meeting plans they would no doubt as usual just be doing exactly what they were told. This is not democracy it is a bullying dictatorship.
    It will go the Councils to be rubber stamped and those who we elected will respond only as they are told.

  3. Well what a surprise! Following the announcement on the GNDP website about the meeting today at County Hall today, one of our members went along to attend the meeting. However, he was ushered out by the Council's Democratic Support Manger (I kid you not) and her heavy mob who told him that it was not a public meeting and he had to leave.
    Now you know how this is all being done - behind closed doors and by people with something to hide.

  4. What is so secret that we,the people who pay for these councillors, are not allowed to hear? Refusing to let people in to advertised meetings doesn't exactly engender feelings of trust about what is going on,does it? This is supposed to be a democracy isn't it,so what about freedom of information?

  5. What a disgrace that a member of the public was refused entry to the GNDP meeting. Who do they think they are and they obviously have something to hide. Another unelected QUANGO,
    they should go.

  6. The Next Step must surely be to withdraw the entire JCS as it is no longer relevant and has never had a proper consultation.