Greater Norwich Development Partnership (GNDP) Meeting 23rd September

When the Greater Norwich Development Partnership (GNDP) met on 23rd  September, to consider the results of their consultation on the Focused Changes proposed for their Joint Core Strategy, I went along as a member of the public.

A formidable array of top brass was gathering in the County Council Chamber, fortified by refreshments paid for by the taxpayer. I hoped to hear them admit frankly that, of the 194 respondents to the consultation, 189 objected to the way that massive building developments were to be imposed upon the Greater Norwich Area.

It was not to be. I was told I couldn’t stay, because it was a private meeting. What is more, no minutes are ever published of the GNDP’s meetings, although – if they have their way – the country between Norwich and the Broads will soon cease to be the rural area it is now. So we’ll never know how they saved their faces over that startling rejection of their plans. And a Green County Councillor I bumped into that morning didn’t even know the meeting was to be held.

Isn't it time we took the coalition Governments' advice and did away with this unaccountable, undemocratic quango called the GNPD, before they manage to wreck for ever the green spaces surrounding Norwich by concreting over large areas of countryside?

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