May the Russian lady win!

An article in today's Guardian by Marina Voikhanskaya who is cycling around Britain to highlight the threats to the British countryside describes the beauty of the East of England which is now in danger of being lost to developers. She writes:

"Sadly, the region is threatened by development, which could gobble up much of what makes it special. In Norfolk, local councils have a strategy for 32,000 new homes over the next 15 years; this could see Norwich sprawling to the edges of the Broads in the east, with open countryside to the north earmarked for 10,000 homes including an ecotown at Rackheath.

But there is hope: as long as the CPRE and the campaigners on Piece by piece are around to offer positive solutions and passionate campaigning (and there are decision-makers willing to listen), I feel hopeful that this corner of England can resist the worst."

Let us hope she is right! We need to appreciate what we have got and fight to keep it before Broadland District Council takes it away forever.

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  1. What a pity it takes a Russian to appreciate our plight and the stupidity of Broadland Council to allow Broadland villages to be destroyed just to boost the profits of their developer friends