What Exactly is Community Support?

The Evening News reports that " the team behind the controversial eco-development on the outskirts of Norwich will have to prove to the government that they have the support of the community". Broadland District Council are apparently going  to write to Mr Shapps to explain how they are going to "engage with the community over the development".

BDC are going to have to work very hard over the next few weeks to win over the local community - we already know that all five of the parish councils in the 'infected' area oppose the planned eco-town development and thousands of local people have already signed SNUB's petitions but still BDC haven't taken any notice and are ploughing ahead. Just what sort of spin are they going to put on this promised 'engagement' with the community and how do they intend to prove they have local support?

Simon Woodbridge now seems to be saying that the proposed eco-town is no longer dependent on the NDR. - he maintains that the rules have changed with the change in government. Does that make the JCS invalid then?

This is all getting very confusing! Just where is Keith Simpson when we need him? His counterpart in South Norfolk, George Freeman, is supporting the campaign fighting the planned development in Wymondham as reported in the Evening News. He said "Everybody knows we need more houses and affordable housing in Norfolk, but we need high quality, small, sustainable development which integrate with existing communities rather than massive isolated estates"


  1. IS the JCS valid? That's a very good question, because some of the underlying regional policies upon which it was built no longer seem to apply. The earlier consultations occurred before these fundamental changes and, in view of this, there should be a strong case for a legal challenge to its validity.

    The problem with legal challenges is that they tend to cost a lot of money. Has anyone in SNUB tried the Environmental Law Foundation, for a bit of free advice if nothing else?

    Denise Carlo is currently working on this matter (ie: how to challenge the validity of the JCS in light of the government changes).

  2. I think we all feared the Keith Simpson would get right back on the fence after he was re-elected and although he "claims" to be against the plans, I have not seen any hard evidence of this. Shame Dan Roper wasn't successful this time round as we could have counted on him to support the local residents. Still, Norman Lamb didn't get in first time. Let's hope by the time people realise Simpson just makes the right noises at election time and then slithers back into the shadows afterwards it isn't too late for the residents he is supposed to represent.