Go East set to Go West

With abolition of the East of England Development Agency already announced Eric Pickles is now suggesting that Go East should follow suit with the aim of "transferring power from central government to councils and communities."

The idea sounds alright in principle but what if your local council is not up to the job? They can reek a lot of havoc in the time left before the next local elections. Council members are elected to work for their local communities NOT towards their own aspirations or those of their officers! Close public scrutiny of their every move is the only answer - use your democratic right to insist on proper consultation and don't be put off by fine words and PR spin..


  1. If Mr Pickles is getting rid of quangos can we suggest that the Greater Norwich Development Partnership should be next on his list?

  2. Yes please! GNDP must go!

  3. What is proper consultation? The process is being manipulated in the most cynical way.
    Fancy holding a consultation in the middle of the summer holidays, confining it to e-responses and setting questions which are no longer valid in the context of a JCS drafted under a different government using redundant criteria.
    The process needs to be abandoned.