So much appears to depend on the NDR...

Interesting details can often be found buried in the text of an article on something altogether different. An article in yesterday’s EDP entitled “Congestion-busting bus proposal boost” by Dan Grimmer, which was alerting readers to the fact that Dereham Road has been earmarked for the city’s first rapid bus transit system and that the initial phase of work could start next year. (See corresponding Evening News article here)

The article then proceeded to tell us that the plans, which form a key part of the Norwich Area Transport Strategy, were first mooted last year but the overall scheme is largely dependent on the Northern Distributor Road being built “because cash would have to come from the developers seeking to build homes and businesses in areas opened up by that road”. Then comes the rub, “it is hoped a community infrastructure levy imposed on each home which developers build will help generate cash for the project in the long term”. Meanwhile, transport planners are hoping that “councillors will signal their commitment – by agreeing to start the process within the next few months”.

One familiar name behind all this is Adrian Gunson, cabinet member for travel and transport at Norfolk County Council, who warned: “the roll-out of the whole programme is dependent on having sufficient cash to do it and the NDR is needed for that”. In which case they had better not start any work because the NDR is far from certain to come about and it is the height of irresponsibility to go ahead with a project for which there is uncertain funding. What is it with these councillors in Norfolk County Council and Broadland District Council that they can not face up to reality and persist in living in cloud cuckoo land along with their broken dreams?


  1. You might have more sympathy if they had not ploughed ahead, almost daring the Government to stop them after they have spent all this money!
    Then there is also a not very small matter of money lost in gambling on Iceland, not to mention the millions wasted on that ego trip called Unitary.
    They are a disgrace to public office.

  2. The NDR is and always has been a Northern Development Road - Gunson etc would have very great difficulty in denying that if there's ever a public inquiry (is there any chance of that?)

    ALL of the proposals for the north/north-east of Norwich are closely connected, and inter-dependent. The Rackheath eco-town, the growth triangle, 'Belmore Park' - all the campaigns on SNUB's website - are dependent on the NDR, and the NDR is dependent on them.

    Whatever any individual's specific concern from the list, it is vital that we all fight together against the whole thing.

  3. The arrogance of Adrian Gunson is outstanding! How dare he presume to represent our views when warned by central government that they spend on the NDR at their own risk. Not their risk, OUR risk. Money spent now on a scheme that is dead in the water is money we will not have when the cuts strike hard.

  4. Disgusted resident22 July 2010 at 08:15

    Remember the promise by Simon Woodbridge - No NDR NO Ecotown - what a load of nonsense that was. He will go ahead to destroy our area regardless. Local builders say they have over 1,000 new houses unsold, yet Woodbridge claims there is a shortage. All just politics which smells.

  5. Broadland Resident and sick of BDC22 July 2010 at 14:15

    Woodbridge's family are in the roofing business.
    Is that why he has so much sympathy with the construction industry?