Time for Keith Simpson to step in

Broadland District Council have been asked by Grant Shapps to give detailed updates on the plans for their proposed eco-town programmes and clearly define how they intended to engage their communities on development. We will be watching with interest to see what BDC and their PR company come up with next as they try to pretend that the local community has been properly consulted.

At the same time Grant Shapps has also indicated that he would also want local MPs’ opinions on whether the process was working well and fairly across all sections of the community. So here is another opportunity for Keith Simpson to follow through his pre-election claim that he would oppose the proposed eco-town:

"Now we are faced with another attempt to put an eco town into our community. Many of you have written, emailed or spoken to me about the proposal for the Rackheath Eco-Town. Overwhelmingly local opinion is opposed to the proposal as outlined because of the sheer scale of the development and concerns that it will not actually meet the full criteria of an eco-town.

I have attended two public meetings at Rackheath, recently held a surgery there and looked carefully at the proposals. I have made it clear that I do not support the development AND an incoming Conservative government will not support these Labour proposals for eco-towns, not least because they are opposed by local communities."

We will expect Mr Simpson to reveal BDC's continued reluctance to involve the local community in the process, preferring instead to rely on spin and manipulation. If Mr Simpson was aware before the election that there is "overwhelming local opinion opposed to the proposal" then surely BDC cannot pretend otherwise. If BDC have forgotten what democracy is all about then one hopes our recently re-elected MP hasn't also forgotten.


  1. Richard Williams13 July 2010 at 08:02

    It is quite clear to everybody that there was no proper consultation. Just look at the last couple of weeks pronouncements from the Councils and the their poodle the GNDP.
    First, Broadland announce that they are going to consult on land allocations and produce the 'glossy'. Then suddenly that is cancelled.
    Meanwhile, South Norfolk announce a consultation on the same subject.
    They are in a muddle because finally someone is asking them serious questions about their mandate.....and they do not have one.
    The planning inspectors were astutue enough to see through the JCS and have challenged them to come up with some proper answers.
    So, their stooges at the GNDP are now working on another consultation (which by their own admission they will limit to exactly the questions to which they want answers). Why are they doing this? It is because they know that the JCS was imposed and consultation was meaningless. They are trying to show 'Community Engagement' before they appear at a Planning Hearing.
    It is bad enough that this latest sham is so limited but they are going to conduct it when everyone is on holiday in the next six weeks.

    Judge for yourself - ECO Towns that are not - Desecration of countryside - Developers come first.
    Is this a legacy to leave for the future.

    They say they need a five year landbank. I say they have one, just grow organically. Build for us and not for the industrialisation of rural Norfolk. There will than be half the houses and the landbank will last twice as long

  2. Salhouse Parish Council held their latest meeting on the 7th July and the next one is due on the 1st September.
    How many Parishes will have a similar schedule?

    So I am not sure how they will respond to this and if they do, how any public contribution can be included. There is just no time.

    Don't believe the GNDP is not fully aware of this