Even Grant Shapps is surprised!

Grant Shapps has responded to SNUB's disappointment that the proposed Rackheath eco-town seems to have been given the go-ahead by sending the following email:

"I’m surprised by your email because I also made it absolutely, completely and utterly clear that the eco-town cannot go ahead unless it has genuine local support and that I will not be pushing centrally to see a project completed against local sentiment. It is therefore entirely in your communities hands as to what happens next and only the local authority can make that decision – having taken into account all the local opinion.

Unlike the last government, we certainly won’t be forcing eco-towns on anyone. In fact, we want all housing to be eco-friendly in future, not just a few gimmick projects."

So Broadland District Council have some serious questions to answer and the sooner they actually listen to the local community the better - they do not have sufficient local support and now it seems perfectly clear that they don't have government support either - so how can they justify pushing ahead?

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