Consultation...what consultation? Make sure you don't miss this one!

In response to issues raised by the Inspector at the Exploratory Meeting on 13th May, the Greater Norwich Development Partnership have recently announced that there would be a 'focussed changes consultation' regarding the Joint Core Strategy for Broadland, Norwich and South Norfolk and these changes will affect housing delivery in the Old Catton, Sprowston, Rackheath, Thorpe St Andrew Growth Area. The purpose of this 6 week consultation is 'to consider whether the Schedule of Focussed Changes addendum will make the Submission Joint Core Strategy legally complaint and sound'.

The consultation period will run from Monday 19th July to Monday 30th August.

According to Broadland District Council's planning team, the deadline for details of the consultation to be made available on the GDNP's website is today (13th July) so keep checking their website as this is the only way that you will be able to comment of the proposed changes. Apparently the WHOLE consultation process is to be held online - how democratic is that? Who took that decision and why?


  1. Response from Broadland District Council's Press Office: I have just spoken to the GNDP office and the consultation on the focussed changes will be available on the GNDP website from 9.00am on Monday 19th July when the consultation opens. We will link to the consultation from the Broadland Homepage from Monday until the consultation closes. The preferred format for the responses is via an online form, but the forms can be printed off and completed by hand. If any Broadland resident would like us to print them off a form and send it to them we will be happy to do so from Monday.

  2. Interestingly when I spoke to Broadland about this last week I was told that I should speak to the GNDP as they knew nothing about the letter which the GNDP had circulated.
    So its nice to know that Broadland have caught up. Thank you
    There is a comment on the blog below from someone about Salhouse Parish Council who like many have an August break and have no meeting during the whole of the so called consultation period.
    I wonder how many other organisations are like that.
    If you were a cynic you would believe that have done it deliberately.

  3. Such as shame that Broadland District Council's planning team was not better briefed considering they were one of the teams listed on both the GNDP website and letter who were supposed to be giving further information about the process. Or is it a case of the blind leading the blind?