Back to the question of water....

Water Resource Management Plan.

Every water authority in the UK has to have one of these.  The one for Anglia Water, see states, among other things, the following:

  • Chemical and biological river water quality has improved over the last three years. However, both biological and chemical water quality for the region are below the national average, significantly below the national average in the case of chemical water quality where only 46% of rives are considered to be of ‘good’ quality as opposed to the national average of 64%.  
  • In areas of the Anglian Water region surface waters are already fully committed during summer months, whilst some winter abstractions are no longer reliable. Likewise, groundwater is considered to be over licensed or over abstracted in some areas. The Anglian Water region has been classified as in serious water stress by the Environment Agency.
We now have the proposed Rackheath eco-town development and further proposals for Belmore Park (see yesterday's posting), Brook Farm and Blue Boar Lane all of which will require water from an area already struggling. The GNDP's North East Growth Triangle clearly expects a lot more development too but the Joint Core Stategy states "The release of land for the development will be dependent on there being sufficient water infrastructure to meet the additional requirements arising from new development and to ensure that water quality is protected or improved, with no detriment to areas of environmental importance."

How can anyone consider building thousands of houses in a region that has lower than average water quality in their rivers and is classified as being in serious water stress? The land shouldn't be released for development!

As yesterday's Evening News so eloquently put it "plans to develop swathes of the outskirts of the city are still forging ahead". Why?

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  1. There are more questions here than most people realise. Why for example in the driest region in England is water abstracted near Thetford and piped to the Midlands. The crazy world of privatised water thats why.
    Why do Anglian Water say that they can cope with the housing build around Norwich when the Environment Agency disagree?
    Why do Broadland District Council insist they can safely harvest rainfall water whilst the water table in the Rackheath area continues to sink lower?