Another piece of the jigsaw

Belmore Park (another new development planned for the the North East Growth Triangle) is yet another piece of the jigsaw which fits neatly into the southern edge of the growth triangle on its boundary with Thorpe St Andrew, Heartsease and Woodside Road.

To quote from their website "The development plan will aim to seamlessly connect the new settlement to the existing communities of  Thorpe St Andrew, Heartsease and Woodside Road, aiming to complement the existing communities, build on inherent local characteristics and create a true sense of place."

The Greater Norwich Development Partnership's Joint Core Strategy has given landowners and developers the opportunity to propose new development virtually anywhere and everywhere within the Old Catton, Sprowston, Rackheath, Thorpe St Andrew Growth Triangle.

This is the map that Broadland's chief planner objected to SNUB using but effectively the dark green area is that part of Norwich within the outer ring road and the yellow area shows where all this development could take place. The proposed Rackheath eco-town and Belmore Park are just two small pieces of the giant jigsaw. The GNDP plans for the Norwich urban area grow by snatching a huge part of the countryside in Broadland.

Certain parts of Broadland have been protected by the JCS and will have only limited growth. For example, the JCS suggests it is important to prevent coalescence between the villages of Brundall and Blofield. "Although Brundall has two railway stations and relatively frequent bus services to Norwich there are (apparently!) more sustainable options for accommodating new housing developments in the Norwich Policy Area; consequently modest housing allocation of about 50 dwellings is proposed." No prizes for correctly guessing where one of the Broadland councillors who is the main champion for the Joint Core Strategy lives.......... nimbyism? What nimbyism?


  1. One of the points made by the Strategic Director at BDC when complaining about the map SNUB reproduced was that development would not cover the whole area anyway it would be interspersed with woodland and parkland.

  2. Ah! So that explains why they want to concrete over the woodland and fill in the area full of wildlife in between Thorpe End and Thorpe St Andrew! In a recent consultation on the Conservation Status of Thorpe End, Thorpe St Andrew Parish Council stressed the importance of ensuring that the two areas remained separated by woodland. Now we know why Broadland District Council totally ignored their request to extend the conservation area to cover the woodland. Deer live in those woods together with a host of wildlife. The area was absolutely breathtaking during this winter with the snow covering the branches of the trees. This must not be allowed to happen....