Where to start?

There has been so much in the news over the past few days that it is hard to choose a topic for posting on this Blog!

Do we cover Broadland District Council's decision to cancel the public exhibitions on future growth in the area. Consultation? Just how are we going to have our say if this has been cancelled? (Mind you the recent letter from Phil Kirby headed 'Cancellation of forthcoming public exhibitions on future growth' then goes on to talk about 'postponement' rather than cancellation which makes the whole thing even more confusing!).

Or perhaps we should focus on a flyer with a Broadland District Council logo at the head exhorting us to install loft or cavity wall insulation (from a company in Bury St Edmunds!) - this definitely doesn't sound right!  But then there is the letter from Henry Cleary (Department for Communituies and Local Government)  to the Chief Executive of Stratford-on Avon District Council stating that the Government " will not support an eco-town if the local community are opposed to it" which has been hailed as a victory by campaigners opposing the Long Marston eco-development. SNUB have had similar emails from Grant Shapps - should we be celebrating?

Maybe we should focus instead on that fact that Broadland District Council are proposing to ditch the Broadland Forum in favour of a new 'Informal Community Group' - what is going on there? And going back a few months, the Greater Norwich Development Partnership changed their website to such an extent that anyone bookmarking certain pages would have lost the links - no apologies or attempts to ensure this didn't happen - that is not good practice! (Good luck if you want to visit their website as it appears to be unavailable quite frequently...it is not that difficult to run a website is it?)

Yesterday we had the news that the Broads is to be re-branded and their new website includes a pleasant walk through Salhouse that will skirt the proposed Rackheath eco-town and no doubt enjoy views of the proposed Energy Centre and wind turbines as well as housing close to Salhouse station - nice! The current walk is a beautiful walk through countryside as is the walk previously mentioned on this Blog which crosses the fields designated to become the heart of this huge new development.

Oh, and don't forget to have your say about the Belmore Park development - there is so much going on that it is easy to miss something and if we miss the opportunity we will have to live with the consequences for ever more - that is what the Council means by consultation! Visit Thorpe St Andrew Village Hall on Wednesday 7th July at 7.30pm to make your views heard about the plans for Belmore Park.


  1. Broadland District Council representatives are not very forthcoming about the Charette and Belmore Park. They seem to be attempting to claim it is nothing to do with them. Well do you believe that? People do not go to expense of this magnitude without speaking to the local authorities.
    Suddenly this excuse to develop in a wholly unacceptable location is thrust into the public domain. Seems very mischievous to me.
    It is all the Councils fault too. They are the promoting an unacceptable growth proposal and exposing the area to massive threats.
    They should reap the wrath of their residents for foisting all this nonsense on us all.

  2. Who gave Broadland DC the mandate to spend our money at this critical time of huge deficits on expensive Consultants. Why do they employ a Planning Department if they are not capable of doing the work. They have now lost touch with reality totally. Can the Government not STOP this waste NOW.

  3. There is something very seriously wrong now. Just who is pushing Broadland Council to waste this money when the JCS has not even been approved nor has the NDR. When will they wake up to the financial situation facing the rest of the Country. Employing Consultants is just another propaganda exercise at OUR EXPENSE

  4. Surely the time has come for the Chairman of Broadland Council or the Leader of the Council to be honest and just tell us why they are wasting our money when the Ecotown, the JCS and the NDR have still not been approved.