Where would the run-off water from the proposed eco-town go?

At present as heavy rain soaks slowly through the agricultural land the proposed Rackheath eco-town will replace, and drains into the River Bure, engineering skill is needed to ensure it doesn’t overtop the banks and flood the farmland below St. Benet’s Abbey. 

No amount of “eco-ness” will stop that whooshing much more quickly into the river from thousands more roofs and a brand new dual carriageway. And the one aspect of climate change that everyone is agreed upon is that there will be more extreme weather!

It’ll give a new flavour to 'messing about in boats'.

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  1. Works are going on in Rackheath to route the surface water to a collector and divert it to recycling. Which is fine but the water table just continues to decline.
    Another reflection of short terms planning.