Airfield? What airfield...

Is seems there are still people out there who believe that the proposed Rackheath eco-town will be built on a disused airfield. These picture taken over the last few days show that the area on which the developers propose to build the town is in fact farmland:

Rackheath - June 2010
Wheat - Rackheath June 2010

Sugar Beet - Rackheath June 2010
The airfield at Rackheath was opened in April 1944 for use by the US Army Air Force Eighth Air Force's 467th Bombardment Group but in 1945 the airfield site was returned to farmland. The technical site eventually became the Rackheath Industrial Estate with several buildings including the Control Tower still in use today.

Rackheath 2010
This is not a brown field site as many would prefer you to believe but productive farmland which should be maintained as such for the foreseeable future and Broadland District Council should be fighting along with the rest of the community to prevent development on this valuable site. Valuable NOT as a business opportunity for the developer and Barratt Housing to make huge profits but valuable as a source of food for future generations.


  1. green living for all28 June 2010 at 09:52

    This was all part of a stream of false information created by Broadland District Council to lay claim to this farmland on behalf of the developers.

  2. Well said! I, like many others rely on my regular supply of Weetabix and sugar. We cannot allow this valuble land to be wasted on a common housing estate!

  3. The way the agricultural land has been downgraded and as a result considered not worthy of saving is criminal. You only have to look at the pictures to see it is perfectly capable of producing a good crop and therefore vital that it is protected to feed ourselves in the future.